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2ndskiesforex babypips

feth.quilosmortais.info FX-Men Team feth.quilosmortais.info · Balazs Balogh Financial Markets Analyst Chris Capre Founder 2ndskiesforex · Chris Lori Founder Pro Traders Club. feth.quilosmortais.info94%KFinance > Investing#10,Analyze feth.quilosmortais.info92%MFinance > Investing#Analyze feth.quilosmortais.infopare to feth.quilosmortais.info babypips forex school of pipsology part 2 pdf Certificate of Enrollment the direction of the new trend 2nd Skies Forex Market Traders Institute com. HOW DOES A DIVIDEND REINVESTMENT PLAN WORK As a result, MSPs need to mobile device applications and. The FortiGate :0 options. If the if you has become purchasing the 1, September traffic entering. I am this our come with long awaited theatres and.

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Anyone can trade in forex even students.

2ndskiesforex babypips I have read this Understanding Price Action post and find it quite fascinating, easy to read and informative. Both missed my trigger by some pips. Price action trading. Because it seems if you really run 2ndskiesforex babypips fund and manage a 2ndskiesforex babypips why waste time teaching online, when you should be grooming new traders in person for your fund or team. If you are willing to have an open-minded conversation, then I am happy to entertain one on any subject in any arena, forum or environment. The recent doji right above the prior close highs at 1. Barcelona — February, 17th — FXstreet.
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Lesson 12 saving and investing Hello Slip, You are certainly entitled to your viewpoint and I support you in whatever view you wish to take. Capre thanks for the invitation to question your method in more detail or on points which are not clear to me. New comment. All the best and good luck trading today Kind Regards, Chris Capre. This is the EURJPY was has been 2ndskiesforex babypips as trend directional lately, but still offered some intraday price action trades, with this being one of them.
2ndskiesforex babypips But more to come. It was showing some classic signs of a reversal yesterday, which offered a really good short opportunity chart below. Take a look at the chart below, which really offers some plays for both sides here failure at the key resistance for bears, and breakout pullback setup for bulls. Anyone who wants to interact with KronosFX has to do it through Kronos, not 2ndSkiesForex as they are two completely different companies and vehicles. If people 2ndskiesforex babypips my perspective - great. Votes will be open from February 20 thand closed 2ndskiesforex babypips March 2 nd. What do we expect for Gold now?
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A daily close below targets After flirting with the barrier for a few hours, the index sold off about 14 points. However, since then, the selling has been muted and the follow through weak ATM. If the index continues to balance and re-distribute today without much follow through, then the bears will probably let go of their positions while the bulls will smell weakness and go for The pair is approaching a bearish sell zone that could set up a low risk, high reward opportunity.

I'll look to sell into this zone, with TP1 being the After an impressive two-legged run, the AUDUSD is forming a daily bearish engulfing bar, and has already printed one on the 4hr charts which you can see above. The false break above the key level at and subsequent break back below suggests likely topping and profit taking.

Also the negative news out of China overpowered the better than expected s out of WTI Crude has now bounced 4x off the key You will notice the pattern how there is a big thrust up off the level, only to produce no follow through. This is from the sellers absorbing the bids, and with the LH's, they seem to be quite happy selling rallies. I'll look to sell on a rally towards After consolidating for about two weeks, the EUSTX50 screamed higher gaining about 90 points within the last two days.

In the process, it broke through a multi-year resistance level shooting vertical over today. Any pullbacks towards should be considered buying opportunities, targeting , and Bullish bias remains while daily closes are above this level. After forming an HH higher high the Euro sold off impulsively, then formed a corrective pullback and dual pin bar rejection which led to more selling.

This is more than just an unwinding of longs, but sellers starting to take over as the key support level at 1. If the pair pulls back correctively into 1. Although the short term bias is up, the pair has been struggling to clear the key. The first pullback found support at the. But the bounce has been rather meek and not much impulsiveness behind it. Intraday bears can look to short at the range resistance with tight stops above. Should this level fold, Notice in the red box how the relief rallies were meek and sold aggressively, suggesting bears are happy to sell higher and are in control short term.

I'll look for a corrective rally towards to form an LH lower high. If it does, Although I'm generally a bull on physical PM's, the paper prices are still bearish and in the intra-day 1hr charts are suggesting another attack on Rallies continue to be sold and the dynamic resistance and 4hr 20ema shows the sellers are happy to take higher prices to sell again. If the Today's selling, although looking decently impressive, was really only about mins of selling pre-NY Session open, so this suggests coordinated selling by parties not wanting PM's to go higher.

With that being said, the follow up has not seen much follow through selling and i'm guessing with the war drums of Syria still beating, PM's should do fine. After rallying to the daily 20ema, the index sold off over 15pts in a jiffy, suggesting the bears were happy to sell on any rallies higher or excuse i. Think about it. Pain-avoidance in trading is different only in the sense that it deals with emotional pain. To avoid the pain of having wrong expectations, you subconsciously block any information that would invalidate your idea.

You usually rationalize, make excuses, belittle the significance of conflicting information, and sometimes even straight up lie to yourselves just to feel good. Feelings of disappointment and frustration can compound and evolve into anger and resentment towards yourself or the even the market. Since you feel discouraged, you might eventually give up and stop trading altogether!

The classic case of having unfulfilled expectations in trading is sticking to a losing trade. The price action might trend in the opposite direction of your position, but you ignore all these obvious signals and focus on insignificant details that are still supporting your idea. The clear pattern is lost on you because you find it too painful to accept. Protecting yourself from unrealistic expectations In trading and probably also in life, managing what we expect is of utmost importance.

If you remove expectations, you run the risk of not feeling that something is at stake, which could draw your focus away from the trade to other things. On the other hand, if you are able to manage your expectations, you can easily alter your view of the market depending on what price action is telling you.

Learn to let go of the things you cannot control the market , and manage those things that you can your expectations. By doing so, you are able to take rational trading decisions, which would hopefully lead to more wins than losses.

If you don't get the paperwork shortly you may want to ask for it before your first paycheck. Anyway that what I had to do also. Michael Covel's Trend Following Podcast looks aweseome! I don't think I ever would've come across that on my own. There's a lot of good sharp folks on there, can't wait to dive in. I'm too old in the tooth and have been trading too long to worry too much about psychology, discipline and sticking to the trading rules.

I only trade the gbp six pairs. Use the hourly charts no stop loss. I look for a 10 pip take profit or more if market moving fast. I have had one loss in my last 80 trades in my funded account. I only trade with micro lot size ie 0. As I am retired , I can watch the market most of the day and generally do not trade after 6pm my time CET as I live in spain so mainly british banking hours.

If I have carry over trades still running I sometimes have a pleasant 40 odd pips credit by the morning, which for me is 10am to 11am as I usually don't go to bed until am. My default settings are tp 40 pips and 0. I realise this is not in line with conventional trading rules but has worked for me through silver 1,2,3, gold 1,2,3, and now funded and I am looking forward to my first share of profits this month unless I have a very poor run of losses in the next few weeks. So fingers crossed!

Good luck to all those in the hive ploughing their way through silver, gold and seeking to gain a funded account. I nearly gave up in March as I was having trouble doing the 5 trades , 5 days running with 5 winning days. Glad I did, so don't give up hope. Have a look at the gbp pairs as they often follow the direction of the gbpusd but not always. It was this fact in March April and May that I managed to get the above mentioned task completed.

And I never looked back from then. Before I reached funded , throughout silver and gold my win loss ratio varied from to Somehat improved since I became funded. Fortunately it hasn't happened since being funded but that doesn't mean that it won't. Yestereday I was carrying over a pips deficit on all six trades as they all went against me but today 3 of them came back into profit and with further trades totalled pips profit and deficit down to odd. Seat of the pants trading, not to be recommended for those of a nervous disposition!

Ray, that was really a very nice post! Truly enjoyed it. I have only recently discovered, through experience, how important how you feel every day is so important to trading. It was reinforced one day when I "forced" myself to trade. Should have done something else. Thanks for sharing rayholding Glad you stayed the course and didn't throw in the towel. It's good to hear these stories of success. Keep on working hard everyone! This is a fantastic thread.

I will definitely go through the links given. Mastering your psychology in trading is huge, an understatement of the largest magnitude. How your mind process's things as you go through all the emotions while trading definitely impacts what you think you see as opposed to the reality of what is going on.

Thanks to all. In the chat, some guys and rookie, asked me a question of being in 6 month goldII , and stuck He was a performing player but his fear was not manage. Selected, he refused for fear of disappointing the team. When He was selectionned, he broke his leg. After many weeks, he understood his fear of success. He had a good results but at least he was not be selectionned another time in the national team. Fear of winning is the way of making the bad decision for being sure that in this way, I am loosing.

I gave you example, I traded like gambled just with the screen without any indicators , or I traded in my bed. I was thinking about that? R and another guy wrote the word " what is in the trading your fear,? It was not to lose but to win I did speak about that to the manager of Apiary, He understood that and encourage me to follow the beeline. My personnal history in trading was a nightmare , I had a good expectancy and disciplined trading in national Bank in UK and earning enough monney to be in retirement at 40 years old.

But instead of giving my money back,the broker in this organism , an offical one closed my account I have to prove that I am not a lier neither a thief and it s my account and I did earn monney. In the psychology , in my mind , I understand yesterday in the chat, that I was planning to loose, because I won t have any trouble like I had in the NationalBank.

I did not imagine how the fear made me so foolish in the trading room. The result today is good; But My " ass" is not interesting. I just want to share that I encourage people to read , to write in the chat , to clear their mind with many questions? What s happening if you lose your money? Are you going to stay in your job? If you are in retirement , how are you finding monney?

I never ask what will you do if you will earn because the dream is not action and life. Thank you to read and see my post. I hope you understand , and I wil be please if someone wants to correct my english not my mother tongue Anne Khloe. I was looking at an old forum on Forex factory about making 10 pips a day.

The basis was to quit after getting 10 pips. It didn't say what size lots he used, but he said his TP was 10 pips and his SL was 90 pips. It seems he is constantly monitoring his trades, so that part makes sense about the 90 SL, but why even have a SL then?? However, I have been trading using a 5 or 10 pip TP and a reasonably large SL and it works fine as long as I don't over trade and let any get away. I have picked up over a pips during the last week just using the gbp six pairs.

Each day when I get up about 10am to 11am I don't go to bed till am My computer is left on overnight and will be on my alveo page. I have changed my selection process for determining direction. However, although it worked earlier in the year and got me through silver and gold , I have recently changed my selection to the T-Line system promoted by a chap named Steve Bigalow on you tube.

If market is above the 50 only look for longs and if below look for shorts, but only if the 3 and 8 are correspondingly above or below the Once you have determined that, the market for a long, should be above the 3 and the 8. You will see that the market hugs them and if it moves away from the 8 it will invariably come back to test the 8. That is an opportunity to buy back in.

Once you are in you can stay with it until a candle closes below the 8 and then you can take your profits. However, I do not run the profits as I usually take a profit between 10 to 20 pips and look to get back in on a dip. Today I have sofar taken pips in 14 trades, including 17 on a eurusd I know not one of my six pairs but it was the NFP and it usually moves eurusd.. ALL the rest on the three remaining pairs which are not still tied up in deficits.

I have been holding gbpusd since 21st September , cad since the 1st oct and jpy which I missed taking while I was gardening, all on the hourly chart. However, my deficit a few days ago is now down to pips so at the moment its going in my direction. I have one loss in over trades and the last 74 have been free of loss.

My aim is to get trades without loss rather than a target each day or each week of pips. I simply trade as I see it, no plans of entry or exit, other than take profit anything over 10 pips. I would urge you to find the T-Line by steve bigalow on you tube and watch the video. You may not be able to trade the gbp pairs in view of the time difference but if you can I hope you find them as profitable as I do.

Good luck to the HIVE! Steenbarger, PhD. Steenbarger's book leads you through his professional evolution as a psych counselor for busy, successful health professionals. As he himself starts to encounter the common growing pains of a new self-taught online trader, his patient base expands to include money-making traders who have lost their edge for unknown reasons. Both groups are seen as developing similar problem patterns which Steenbarger relates to his personal growth as a developing stocks and futures trader.

The fascinating and entertaining methods of "treatment" he derives empirically from this clinical practice along the way, lead him to coin the term "trading from the couch". The book's tone is conversational, yet, contains pertinent and brief journal sites which serve to draw the reader into the process of discovering how the his mind works. The emphasis is always, "how can these insights be used to improve trading results?

Personally, I was amazed at how often I found myself thinking, "This guy is reading my mind. Tom thanks for the informative post. Would you like to share a few of the ideas that have helped you and found most useful in your trading?

I appreciate his video. I have read through most of Rande Howell's free offerings, and I am intrigued. Has anybody purchased or seen any reviews of his not-free stuff? Other than his book which I have not opened yet, not me. I have started researching bio feedback tools. Freud's personality theory saw the psyche structured into three parts i.

These are systems, not parts of the brain, or in any way physical. This has great bearing on our decision-making process and as it relates to this field of endeavor. What is our process on teh one side we have intuitive on the other side we have analytical? We are continually exhorted to be "In The Zone" a state of being at one with the market. A state of being. As Freud is described in the article above and traders zone lies squarely in the EGO removing the ID and the superego from the equation and leaving only a perfect ego or in the Zen world a much higher estate.

It has been realized to me and my now almost two years that this is the single most important in learning to trade well with consistently profitable cash management. This is a short podcast of 25 minutes from and about trend trading. The bottom line, its a choice, what's the alternative. Stoping losers and letting winners run. When I first came on board with Apiary knowing absolutely zip, while becoming dangerous I wanted the tops and bottoms like David Tudor, and where is a guy named Toddster teaching every day in the breakfast club about various MA's all very middle of the road stuff.

Noe I developing a Long-term strategy of continuation or reversion I understand the logic of this give up the bottom and let go the top until the PA turns tail. So here is 15 minutes that hit the nail on the psychological head. So this next question is directed at experienced traders that have been thru the mill over the years. In the attached charts you can see the DXY heading south very strongly in the election aftermath.

Now I look at this chart and resulting analysis and force my self to stay out. Knowing full well there is gold in them hills. Does the adage fit "make hay while the sun shines"? Check out "A Course in Miracles". You can do a google search, the book is translated to over languages, and now you can also get the the book on audio in english. This is definitely the best gift the world can ever give you, your closest and all mankind, now, today and forever.

One of the topics he touched on was trader fear and this blog post. As an Apiary Fund Trader, how you respond to the provocation of fear and the choices you make are part of the development process you go through as a Trader. Also included was this facebook podcast from Shawn. I've read Dr. Today was my first day in Gold 1.

It was not my ideal day and all related to psychology. During those levels i forced myself to slow down and sharpen my strategy. Once I did that i was able to complete without many issues and it felt great. This morning, i put a lot of pressure on myself to perform, i was nervous and anxious and it just did not work.

Most of the day, i felt like I was grinding out the trades. It was not fun and i don't like trading like that. I was able to seriously reduce the losses from my worst levels, But still ended down for the day. The lesson i see in this, is relax and trade what you know, today is no different than any other day and silver, gold, funded or your own money are all the same. Just trading. Fear of loss is a very powerful sub conscience root instilled since birth.

It is a major contributor to gambling. When I feel uneasy or uncomfortable its time to just chill and if necessary sort something personal out. There is always another trade. Thanks, JF, it is interesting that I just came here to post on this subject and here is your chat! Daniel Crosby is a psychologist author of trading Biases. That has a way of putting thing succinctly into common words. In his latest book and Trend Following podcast linked at the list bottom.

Identified from about biases and distilled down to these four, paraphrased 1. Emotions, how do you react? Attention, getting sidetracked by noise 4. Conservatism, all about maintaining and thus fear to cause inactivity. Trend Following Podcast Ep. Crosby identifies four key psychological elements of a trader at the minute mark.

Rookie - thanks for the wealth of info - this will keep me busy for a bit, I heard of Dr. Crosby but never took time to listen - now i am. YW, I also sent this to Curtis because he requested us to email a psych structure for improvement of our trading, I think these four areas, emphasize these areas. This is the most counterintuitive statement ever made because it goes against everything we are taught from birth.

Tudor Jones said I get paid to sit on my hands. Thanks, Jean for the tips on the Trading Psychology. I will remember to keep calm and trade. Mark Douglas has some great tips. For European people, we used to trade the London market. In the beeline, I discover trading like I never imagine. So keep in mind, that I was funded because I stopped to make too much risk. I just understood that the beeline is to show me all the possibilities,. One day, Rex told something very sad: " I can t do anything for anyone who did not understand money management.

This guy is not able to be a trader. I I realized that doing nothing, after the trade was placed, was the best way to make money. My problem was over analysis which lead to fear and early termination of too many trades. A second lesson was keeping my hand off of the mouse once the trade was placed.. That too helped deal with both fear and greed, the two driving forces of the market.

Very helpful Jean. I was aware of some of their writings, but not of their youtube availability. This should be a big help going forward. Thank you. I too have noticed the constant desire to "learn more" and "learn it better".

To a degree After all it drives us to learn great strategies After all, the platform has demo accounts for a reason!! After all, what good is knowing how to trade if you continue putting off the practice of it. It's in live conditions, that you will begin to learn the application of what you have learned!!

Actually, my trading really did not really improve that much until I moved forward This is a must if you want to overcome the emotional challenges we all face as new traders. So let's all get out there Happy trading. I have a friend who is binge watching Mark Douglas. I will get into these videos to see what he has to say.

Thanks for the heads up. A very good layman psyco0logy of the chemical why we may be looser. Makes me feel bi-polar. Who knows maybe I am Every other competitor loses, and depending on their expectations, each of them has to deal with varying degrees of the emotions that come with losing. A single loss can be hard enough to deal with, let alone a string of losses that shake our very ability to perform.

No matter what the sport, every competitor hates losing, and for good reason! Besides the blow to the ego, losing actually hurts; not in an abstract way, but in a very real manner! It makes your stomach churn, changes your blood pressure, constricts thousands of muscles, impairs decision making, elevates stress, reduces testosterone, causes dopamine deprival, and much more.

Your body wants to feel better. Your mind wants to prove its worth. Your ego wants to regain its self-image. These are real and measurable physiological and psychological effects. Losing, quite literally, feels really bad. Fun fact: Winning not only feels better; it seems, winners also live longer! Academy Award-winners live, on average, four years longer than other actors. But the fact that only one driver wins a race and everyone else loses means that we would be well served to not just understand what losing does to our psychology, but also explore how to cultivate a more effective approach and way of thinking so we can make the best of the situation when we fail to win.

About second place The fact that there is often such a fine line between winning and losing has an interesting effect how we feel about second place. There is a classic study that looked at athletes in the Olympics, where they looked to see how happy athletes were when they won. They presented photographs, and had unbiased people coding what the facial expression were. They were stunned at what they discovered.

Anecdotally, we are all aware of this. The closer we are to winning, without actually winning, the worse we feel. What happens when we lose When we fail to win, the natural response is to rationalize the loss. We make legitimate sounding excuses, most often in the form of blaming our vehicle or the condition of our tires. But in doing so, we rob ourselves of the learning opportunity presented to us.

At its most extreme, losing makes some people quit altogether. We need to learn to use losing as a relentless learning opportunity; to figure out what we do poorly, and fix it! As Ian Robertson reveals, this applies to humans as well. So what does this mean for driving? While it is true that there is only one real winner from the perspective of the eventual race results, we can utilize our own fluid definition of winning and losing, as a means to manage our psychology, mindset, and expectations.

In other words, it must be a goal we strive for, not a rationalization used to make ourselves feel better. This can be a very powerful mental approach, because as Robertson asserts, when we win fights against lesser opponents, we are more likely to win future fights against greater challengers. Such a mental approach can be very useful, particularly if we use it in conjunction with a concrete improvement plan where we set goals that are far enough to be challenges, but close enough to be achievable through concerted effort.

I believe it is absolutely vital to know your expectations intimately this is true for life, not just racing. It is unfulfilled expectations. No reason, everything is fine. It also happens for many people after marriage. They have an amazing significant other, maybe a new house, etc. What are your expectations with regards to racing? Are they realistic? Do you expect to always win? Or perhaps to always lose? Do you expect to be winning nationals championships immediately?

Do you expect you will never be fast? If your expectations are beyond what you can currently achieve, unless you have a well defined improvement plan, your pain response will kick in and make you feel miserable.

On the flip side, not everyone is playing to win! There are plenty of drivers who set lower targets, that they can consistently achieve, and they are happy staying at that level. Whether you are trying to extract every last thousandth in the pursuit of national championships, or are just having fun playing around in a smaller pond, you have to know and manage your expectations. Performing our best is the only thing that is in our control. Therefore, if we do not win, either we did not perform to our potential, or we need to increase our potential.

Whether we are chasing a target we defined for ourselves or chasing a true victory, failing to achieve our goal is the most direct feedback we can possibly receive. Be fastidious in determining what needs improvement; break down the problem, identify the root cause, come up with a plan to address the problem, and execute on that plan.

We have previously talked about how to identify and fix execution errors, game plan errors, as well as how to use video analysis to really dissect our driving. Use those techniques or come up with your own to get to the bottom of whatever of holding back your performance and learn from your losses. You can choose to let it break you, or use it to level up.

This is a pretty heavy article about an anxiety disorder of failure. My opinion as expressed to a friend is that we all do what we do because of fear. It is prime and innate in our nature to survive and to survive, we must be sinners. But mom didn't say what the cost was..

It is my contention that from fear of failure comes anxiety disorders that plague many of today's social issues. Including our opportunities to trade consistently profitable. Ok I lied, I have punctuation. Gregg in part 2 of this series Peter makes a statement which I think you will very much emphasize with. As soon as he said I chuckled and thought of you. Hard Lesson, why did I post this in the psych forum? So I knew that PA was going to retrace mostly because the momentum was gone and consolidation started.

My arrogance sets in having just made pip, with three shorts on I load up, Mr. The cruel irony, In this case, observe the wick on the down candle and that's all she wrote. Had I closed them what would have been the worst case?

Instead of earning pips it would have less maybe 50 pips. Instead, because my head said I know better than the PA you have produced a substantial loss. Listened to this person today Denise Shull, from trend traders; this lady has her head screwed on straight.

Denise Shull is a decision coach, performance architect, and founder of the Re-Think Group. She utilizes psychological science to solve the issues of mental mistakes, confidence crises, and slumps in Olympic Athletes and Wall Street Traders. So because of "Repetition Compulsion" which I am plagued with and I think many of us traders that survive the first years are afflicted with to one degree or another is the WHY of what we are doing and to change that view to change.

And become consistently p[rofitable traders and should I say wildly profitable. I'm glad you have found value in this thread, I too appreciate all those who contributed to its content. I can't remember where you posted the link, but that video you posted of Shawn talking about really wanting to make money trading in front of that group of people in Utah, but losing Process focused trading explains why I often trade better from a bad position as opposed when the market appears to be logical.

I have traded emotionally in the past and still tempted every day. However, I now understand the difference and why the process enables me to control those emotions. And I can honestly state the stats have been better ever since. Moreover, I agree with Shawn for the necessity to put yourself on a time-out for the purpose of reassessing.

If we trade to get exited,we should play in a casino game not using real money. Trading consistenly and profitable is as exiting as crossing the road at a red light. You wait when its red because its red,no matter if there are any cars on the road or whatever. You go when its green,maybe still being cautious,depending of the country you are in. Exitement is trying to cross the road when its red! The risk is high you get hurt.

You will loose your money when you try to trade a profit when the requirements to get a profit is not there. The following one is meant to point out our duality of thought. With 95 percent of us, Joe Gremlin is in charge. If we read the sign the first way, we have already made a judgment about the future. It comes straight from Joe Gremlin, our Critical Adviser.

It also puts us automatically into the future and prejudges the future as being a rotten, no-reward land. We have just doubled the odds against our ever winning. I was fortunate to have this privilege, it was a different time! I never really wondered a great deal what makes me tic until I became a trader and asked my self why do I keep making the same mistake over and over again.

JF bless his heart started this thread about psychology and it has blessed me immensely. Why because I think I have finally learned to say no. That's it just no. I am an adrenaline junky, I love serotonin, then a wonderful trader introduced me to the hypothalamus and the research started in earnest.

Today I had my biggest equity gain ever, it happened in just a few minutes, and I got out. Just stopped. Well, I have a history of over trading but more than that my brain likes the rush! However, my brain doesn't like the pain associated with my losses. My friendly good friend trader said when you get tired of the pain you will change.

Ha, that was six months ago, but tight on. I stopped today for a few reasons, 1. Not wanting to over trade 2 Fear of losing my windfall next came to the problem WoW no whipsaw, price action has stabilized. Look PA is still moving in my direction. So with some regret, I stayed out and watched about another pips go by.

So what has it helped the most to enable me to make this change to my trading psyche? I'm certain many folks contributed to this new maturity and not just getting older and wiser because the wiring is not such an easy thing to rewire.

Was it my great trader fried that thinks a large stop loss is one or two pips Was it two years of pain from losses? I'm sure it all has had its effect on my brain. Also recently I watched this guy Oliver Velex, whee his instruction for a stop was one candle below the candle you entered into the trade from. Then in a Mr, Curtis class, we pinioned my problem precisely to my large stop loss. Trading the next day and down pips I have finally had enough.

In an hour now I have reversed my losses and. Positive reinforcement! I have very positive days per week but my loser days can be way out of alignment. IE make pips and lose or more. Nope can not get ahead that way and the pain is excruciating. So I finally changed. Am I out of the woods yet, not by a long shot but I can see the light. I should probably have written this in the Toss in the Towel thread but chose trading psychology because of thats the bottom line.

I too at times experience the same roller coaster weekly performance, but I typically know why that is and can then adjust my size accordingly. I guess you can equate that to leverage. To keep coming back is another big key to our success, that also requires us to be separate and remove ourselves from the value of money.

Therefore we trade for a standard unit of measure, in our case it's points or pips. Making trading more of a probability or mathematical type problem, hence taking the high probability trades only ensures we can keep coming back while increasing our overall equity value. I noticed that the higher probability trades where accompanied by a stop usually found just outside of the Historical Volatility HV for example on the eur i use a stop of pips for most trades.

I also noticed that his 32 pip stop tends to capture most swings on the eur as well. I too have wanted to throw in the towel a few times BUT having committed so much time already i find myself compelled to get to the bottom of this rabbit hole, I we have tasted blood already, we know what we are after even if we can't quite verbalise it yet.

Consistency is the last key we need to focus on. Stop changing how we do things, follow our rules and do the same things over and over. We know how to trade Lets Keep up the hard work, size down and let our trade plans manage the trades while we stay out of it.

See you all in the hive. It struck me because our SUV has the expected problems of age, but the problems that seem to have the biggest cost for tiny little deficiencies are electrical problems, because it is so time-consuming, costly, to expose the errant wiring. Fixable vs dead. Rex's class on Trade Plan Development last week had a wonderful checklist for diagnosing bad wiring:.

Rewiring a car is easier than re-wiring a trader, but I can't expect myself, the trader, to be any fun to drive with if I don't rip out the old wiring and put in new wiring. Thanks, JF, and thanks for the advice. Sometimes I feel like Tommy in the rock opera. Norma, thank you, I will certainly watch it again, I must have fallen off someplace. Perhaps age has a little to do with it but I think it's more engraved in the engrams thus it requires a new synopsis path to do the rewiring.

A checklist for a trade would go a long way to aiding that process. Thanks again Norma for that poke. Oh it does come with some homework Several of my Ted Talks links have disappeared, so this may require some reading between the lines. On the weekends and most often Sunday morning, I watch a different food for thought from Ted Talks. Today it was on emotional agility.

Why not my life is not the best example of psychological well being; my trading certainly is not the best example of trading. My equity curve looks like a buzz saw, which shrinks in circumference with every rotation. It will be three years on Jan 1st that I am here with Apiary Fund. As we learn from so many books, talks, and classes, trading is all about emotions, but as this instructor points out, it's really about emotions IE: my link disappeared for this next thought irrational behaving.

Are the two synonymous? I think on the lower end of the educated emotional scale, they are not, but as the emotional intelligence is raised, the two issues grow closer. The next question for the educator, are we teaching the right stuff to resolve this irrational behavior?

If the proof is in the pudding, what do the statistics say after more than five years of Apiary Fund inspection? Not in dollars and cents of capitalism, but in the percentage of traders that become consistently successful and continually increasing in the funded levels?

If that answer is not a resounding yes, then what're the alternatives? Again looking at Ted Talks, What was and is the most successful class at Harvard? While Apiary is finally moving to an educational structure that several us have advocated long ago, the cost may keep many away from the real benefits of the more focused and specialized training.

Notwithstanding, none of that rhetoric answers the question, are we teaching the right stuff to an irrational group of want to be world-class traders? So what we are really talking about changing behavior. Well, the next argument might be, is that a corporate responsibility? Like the old adage, a happy wife is a happy marriage. Next, How do we change behavior for the better. The reply here is to reduce the friction and change the motivation.

BTW the coin is an awesome lesson. So why are traders making the wrong decision? I think the answer can be found in the probability or our heuristics. While I may be a subject for a behavioral psychologist, I am certainly and by no means a behavioral psychologist. It is quite evident to me that the lessons from the above Ted Talks led to a reward that gets the proper response of behavior.

And as the coin shows, it must be in sight and tangible. Apiary Fund certainly supplies this carrot! We can get an increase every three months, more or less, depending on our consistency. Well, that apparently is not enough for us to change the human behavior of making what we think is a rational decision. Taking a lesson from modern game theory and the production of electronic games, its no surprise that rewards are a key to keeping the gamester playing and participating over the long haul.

So what to do about changing the heuristic behavior. Provide yourself with a physical and tangible reward when you make the correct decision. Let's bring that down to the reality of trading and some of the issues we have previously discussed. Some examples might be Stop Loss and Fear of missing out or excessive trading or revenge trading or over leveraging and so on. At the end of the week, get a bigger reward, perhaps a night out or a pizza and again something monthly.

Reward yourself first with a tangible positive reinforcement. If you read through this and maybe even watched the Ted Talks, you should get a reward just for the time spent. Apiary Fund is a great place to be and learn to trade and maybe the most intimate training of all, our irrational emotions. Rookie, You blow me away. Positive emotions in our lives. This entry goes in the curated collection of Great Forum Posts. It's not just about positive emotion, it is about our decisions.

Where they come from, why we make them and how to restructure them. We like to think we have emotional intelligence but in reality, most of us store a great deal of irrational emotional intelligence. Thus how to fix us becomes the question of the day and most certainly for traders. You have shared some invaluable information.

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The Best Forex Trading for Beginners Course - Lesson 2 (Become A Professional Forex Trader)

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