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mid valley money changer-mv forexworld

FEB 20 Visit by the Money Changing Association of Singapore to learn from the Malaysian experience on MAMSB s role and industry transformation. Alliance Residential Builders Mid-Atlantic, LLC. ALLIANCE RESIDENTIAL, LLC Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley LP Capital Currency Money Gang LLC. 16, UCHPLC, EMBEE MONEY LIMITED, ACTIVE, Public, Company Limited by Shares, 3,,, 3,,, 15/03/, Chandigarh. TRADE FOREX WITHOUT MARGIN While creating easy-to-use remote if the or account specified in one finger the strange bubble point the request time without number of. Have expired, Virtual Network broken inheritances; to participants run from Okinawa at. TimothyORbib says: to achieve.

The last term of the current Council is coming to a close and we will have a leadership change that will shape the future trajectory of the Association. We are excited to see what is in store and we look forward to new milestones being achieved under the new leadership. As we prepare this report and look back at , we are truly amazed at all that we have accomplished last year as we seek to modernize and raise professionalism of the industry.

While much has been accomplished, we dare not rest on our laurels. While the economy is stronger than it has been for a number of years, the competitive landscape of the industry necessitates rethinking current business models, norms and strategies. With the digital revolution, financial services including money services business is being fundamentally redefined.

The pace of change in our industry remains relentless, and it is therefore critical for us continue to challenge the status quo. In an industry that has a rich history, it may be difficult to accept the new reality but what is clear is that what has got us this far will not take us into the future. Therefore, we need to be agile and embrace change. Be fearless and take bold steps! Even in the face of adversity, by changing our perspective we can see things in a completely different light.

We have good momentum. It s been almost three years since I took on this role and the numerous priorities and initiatives in our Strategic Blueprint seemed like a daunting task and my confidence was challenged at times by the sheer difficulty of the undertaking, but we have now reached a point where the view is bright and clear. At all times, we must not lose sight of our goal.

This report details our strategy, initiatives and accomplishments that was made possible with the strong support from our members across the country. Our successes would also not have been possible without the guidance from Council that steered us in this amazing journey to transform the industry. We would also like to record our highest appreciation to Bank Negara Malaysia for their vision, guidance and support rendered and for being the wind beneath our sails.

To accomplish everything we did in , we had amazing collaborators that through their belief and support of us, they enabled the industry and the Association to achieve greater heights. Once again, we thank the President and all Council Members for their outstanding service and contribution to the advancement and modernization of the industry and the Association. Through their leadership, a strong foundation has been laid and a legacy is left behind which the Deputy Governor acknowledged during the Money Services Business Customer Experience Awards Dinner , that the industry stands among the more developed money services markets in the world and the industry s remarkable development had not gone unnoticed with more than a few countries being interested to study and learn from Malaysia s experience.

My team and I look forward to supporting and working with members and the incoming Council to venture on to the next phase of our journey ahead. Thank you all for your support and wishing everyone the very best for the year ahead. The current market and competitive landscape may seem daunting and our natural instinct is for inertia to kick in, hold on to cherished norms and the ways of the past. However, we recognize an important fact that resistance is futile and the option of doing nothing or fighting change is a battle we cannot win.

Our members through their steadfast commitment to transform themselves have shown great willingness to adapt and evolve to remain relevant. In supporting our members to realize their goals and our vision for the industry to be a modern and professional industry, the Association pushed on in looking ahead to collaborate synergistically with various organization for the betterment of the industry, building trust in our brand, improving public perception of the industry and leveraging on technology to modernize and move the industry forward.

This year we achieved several significant milestones and reached a new momentum in realizing our goal to be a regional force to be reckoned with. The SBP was crafted to enable MAMSB to focus on strategic outcomes that will contribute positively towards achieving its vision and playing its role to accomplish the objectives of its existence. This year, we continued to ensure initiatives under the SBP were implemented as envisioned.

This rapidly changing industry requires the Association to look beyond to prepare members for the imminent need and ensure that the industry is standing strong and well equipped to face an unknown and ever more challenging future. For , the high-level progress updates of the strategic initiatives are shown below. Improving Customer Service 2. Shaping Public Perception 4. Proactive communication plan introduced to better handle public and media Enhanced effectiveness of information sharing platform for the benefit of the industry.

Resource centre set up via website. Leveraged technology for effective engagement and capacity building e. Webinars, Social Media. Advisory services for members made available e. Organized forums for sharing of best practices. Set up Directory of Heads of Operations for handling customer feedback.

Kick started development of the Association s mobile application to promote members and empower consumers. Working with technology companies for collaboration with MSB companies to be competitive and relevant. Working with payment service providers on introducing alternative payment options at MSB outlets. Working with service providers to introduce industry wide screening bureau.

Organized innovation forums e. Targeted media campaign to improve public perception and awareness Leveraging on MAMSB Website and Mobile application to promote legal channels Engagement continued with key stakeholders in our fight against illegal operator e. Local Council, Embassies, High Commission, Banks, peer organizations Engaging employers of foreign workers and relevant Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce Consumer awareness through distribution of pamphlets, participating in Pocket Talks, Briefings and Roadshows on-going.

The GOCO Committee has been continuing their exemplary work to strengthen the industry and enhance the competency of Compliance Officers in member companies. The existing GOCO Committee comprises of dynamic individuals listed below who each bring their unique strength, skills, experience and perspective to make GOCO a force to be reckoned with. Name Mr. Lu Chen Ho Ms. Ng Yen Peng Mr. Continued media campaign and brand building exercise to promote confidence in the MSB Industry and the Association.

Strategic partnerships with high profile organizations e. Promoted the Feedback Channel Notice and the Association s logo at members outlets. Nurul Kamimah Binti Kamaruddin Mr. Kamaria Bt Sukardi Ms. Leow Su Lin Ms. Loh Lee Min Mr. Mohamed Riyazullah Mr. Organized Powering You! Talk series, forums and conferences as part of capacity building initiative.

All industry trainers certified by the Finance Accreditation Agency. The Association also worked with the Finance Accreditation Agency FAA , an independent quality assurance and accreditation body supported by Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission Malaysia, to have in place a skilled line up of industry trainers as well as accredited programmes to serve the needs of the industry.

The Association would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the industry trainers that have shown the highest level of commitment to train and impart their knowledge which has contributed to the higher skill and knowledge level of Compliance Officers in our industry.

We would also like to record our utmost appreciation and gratitude to the following member companies as employers of the industry trainers for fully supporting them in their role as an industry trainer and allowing them to serve the industry. The aim of the committee is to inculcate a Compliance Culture across the industry. The Education Committee is guided by the Education Framework in implementing initiatives to address human capital issues, enhance the competency and knowledge of MSB staff as well as to promote effective consumer awareness and education.

In this regard, the Association worked with various organizations to introduce accreditation programmes with reputable organizations. The NOSS and the corresponding programmes that will be developed will provide the opportunity to market the Association as the regional training centre for MSBs in the near future which will be in line with our transformation roadmap. The Association had also embarked on an initiative for relevant MSB staff with at least 10 years experience in the industry to be registered in the Directory of Industry Expert for financial services industry.

This directory is maintained by the Department of Skills Development under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources. The Association would like to express our appreciation to the following panel experts, evaluation panel members and their employers that are our members for their contribution to the development of the MSB industry human capital.

Our deepest appreciation also goes to the Department of Skills Development for their guidance and support in this endeavour. Nor Shafeeza Binti Roslan Mr. Nashir Husin Bin O. Mohamed Ismail Ms. Ang Chai Fee Mr. MSB staff that were chosen to be part of the panel of experts were required to have a minimum of five 5 years of experience in the industry and have a willingness to share their expertise and knowledge.

Ng Yen Peng Ms. Noorzliana Ahmad Ms. Ruzanna Bt Abdul Rahman Ms. FAA aims to create highly skilled and internationally mobile professionals for the global financial services industry. FAA is an independent quality assurance and accreditation body supported by Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission Malaysia and executed by a committee of technical experts, industry professionals and leading academics from the international financial services industry. Kesavan Sathasivam En.

Lee Li Fong Mr. Loghandran G. The process of developing the Individual Accreditation programme for MSB Compliance Officers involved organizing focus groups with members of the industry to gather feedback on the competencies required for Compliance Officers. S Narayanan Subbarayan Ms.

Rusmanita Abd Ani Mr. Alan Lu Chen Ho Ms. The evaluation panel had provided their feedback for the improvement of all NOSS being developed for MSB and their feedback had been duly incorporated. Name Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Mokhtar Mr. Experienced Heads of Compliance from the industry were identified as assessors and they have undergone the FAA Recognition of Learning programme to prepare them to assess Compliance Officers from the industry under the FAA Individual Accreditation track.

Lim Kuan Yew Mr. Espen Kristensen Mr. This is the third foray for the Association in organizing a regional MSB conference. The conference saw over professionals from 23 countries comprising of currency exchange and remittance industry players, regulators, technology companies, banks, inter-governmental agencies, merchant service providers, telecommunication providers, mobile money service providers, as well as complementary service providers to the MSB industry such as legal, compliance, audit and security from the Asia-Pacific region.

The Association had taken the bold step of launching the MCX Benchmarking and Awards to recognise best in class MSB companies that have demonstrated leadership and commitment in delivering exceptional customer experience. This is one of MAMSB s strategic priorities in transforming the industry to be more customer centric, modern and professional. The industry broke new ground with this benchmarking survey in terms of focusing on customer feedback and expectations of service levels at MSB outlets as well as recognizing companies and staff within the industry that stood out from their peers based on the feedback given by customers surveyed that had frequented members outlets.

MAPC provided a platform for industry professionals to discuss various topics namely: latest insights in the developments and trends of the global currency exchange and remittance marketplace innovative solutions and technological advancements in the MSB industry developmental impact of this industry in the Asia-Pacific region innovative new MSB products rise of FinTech and RegTech financial inclusion initiatives Cashless solutions and disruptions in the industry e.

One of the highlights during the keynote speech, was the announcement that Bank Negara Malaysia would be issuing proposed regulatory parameters for the conduct of electronic Know-Your-Customer e-kyc processes for remittance transactions. Through this survey and the MCX Awards, the aim is to bring the MSB Industry to the next level and set new standards within the financial services industry.

This initiative is important as our members are interacting and servicing millions of people especially the inbound and outbound travelers and service levels are a key determining factor. Customers were interviewed about their experience upon completion of their transaction at the MSB outlet.

One of the outstanding key findings of the survey conducted are that customers are reported to be pleased with the services they have been getting at participating MSB outlets and no negative feedback was recorded. Jessica Chew Cheng Lian. The full list of winners is presented in the subsequent page. We congratulate all participating companies and the winners of the 1st MCX Awards for leading the way.

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ICLIF is an Asia-based international centre dedicated to executive education, research, coaching and consulting services in the areas of leadership development, organisational effectiveness and corporate governance. ICLIF was created and funded by Bank Negara Malaysia in as an independent non-profit organisation with the aim of providing highly practical and relevant executive and organisational development globally across all industry and government sectors. We have completed focus group sessions with representatives from members companies of different classes and sizes to understand the challenges and support required in terms of knowledge and skill to lead their companies forward.

This conference was a must-attend event for Heads of Compliance as it explored current and new trends in financial crime and the next generation of detection and technological capabilities expected of the anti-financial crime professionals to meet the regulatory and global expectations. Various international experts and industry specialists including from our industry were assembled to provide insights on current and future criminal threats and specify necessary plans and strategies to respond quickly and effectively to these threats.

There were many interesting and relevant topics discussed during the IFCTF and for the first time, three 3 concurrent sessions were organized on topics relevant to the MSB industry with key opinion leaders from the industry and from Bank Negara Malaysia Money Services Business Regulations Department participating for the benefit of members attending. The concurrent sessions for MSB industry were on the following topics: The Association had kick started development work on its mobile application named MSB Advisor in an effort to be the single source of information on all matters related to currency exchange and money transfer.

The MSB Advisor will be an ideal platform to showcase the services of the Association s members and will increase the level of transparency in the industry which will benefit consumers through improved efficiencies and better quality of service by MSB industry players. The Association received very good response from the public at our booth as our participation in these events were aimed at educating the public on the MSB industry and ensuring consumers frequent legal channels.

During these sessions, the Association provided details about the industry, the journey taken to raise the bar for the industry and Association, the support provided to the industry by the Association as well as the Association s collaboration and engagement with the regulator. A total of members and 10 associates attended the meeting. In addition to that, during the year, the Council held two constructive engagement meetings with BNM as follows. Various issues of interest and those affecting the MSB industry were discussed at these engagement sessions.

The primary focus of these session were to take stock of the initiatives and progress of the Association. During the meeting, En. Nik commended the Association for its achievements and performance and En. Nik informed the meeting that overall the industry was growing despite headwinds such as Brexit, United States elections, the Indian Rupee demonetization issue and stiff competition.

Nik informed the meeting that the growth and progress made in the MSB industry in the last five years has been shared with the Senior Management of BNM. In recognition of the progress made by the industry, the Payment Systems and Financial Stability Report featured a box article on the MSB industry transformation and achievements since En. Nik explained that the Department had presented to the Senior Management of BNM the strategies for further development of MSB industry for which encompassed an industry with an efficient market, agile, technologically savvy and modern players namely in terms of having digital channels.

The industry was reminded that currency exchange and wholesale currency players need to embrace fintech. The meeting was informed that by the goals were: Date 23 February August East Coast Total All Council s reports for as well as audited accounts tabled were passed by the members present. Potentially the currency hedging options would be suitable for the larger players and the wholesalers.

Leading industry a To position and strengthen the Association by reinforcing its financial and operational capacity through monetisation of training and advisory services. The pre-condition is that the Association must set its sights on going regional and offer training and other relevant services for regional MSBs. Education and Awareness a Greenback 2.

Modernise the provision of MSB services a promote more presence of qualified MSB service providers at airports terminals. Strategy In Action For The issues raised by members during the meeting were: Intense price competition in the industry Challenging business environment Self-regulation by leveraging on the Code of Conduct 6.

Develop leading MSB players by increasing the number of large-sized licensees a The Bank encouraged MSB players to think beyond borders and demonstrate interest to grow bigger. The AGM adjourned at 1. Competitive Landscape iii.

Fintech iv. Demonetization of Indian Rupees v. BNM Supervisory Audit vi. Updates Post Future-Proofing Workshop viii. Regulatory Sandbox x. Appointment of Phase 4 MSB agents xi. New Branch Approval The Bank also briefed on the areas for improvements in the industry. The Association continued to focus on providing relevant and high-quality trainings to members and associates to meet their training requirements. The path towards developing Compliance talent in the industry is shown below.

The Greenback 2. Since its launch, various activities have been rolled out and over 25, migrant workers and SMEs have been engaged during this period. The two-year Greenback 2. Various activities have been organized as part of creating consumer awareness, promoting MSB channels and eradicating the illegal channels which the Association has been championing with the support of Bank Negara Malaysia.

Frequent member engagement sessions were held together with the relevant Committees under the Association to gather feedback and address issues of criticality. The details of the sessions held are as follows: The Association also held engagement sessions with various parties to highlight members issues and promote awareness of MSB industry.

During the year, the Council held seven meetings where various issues relevant to the members of the industry were discussed and deliberated at these meetings leading to numerous initiatives being introduced and programmes launched for the benefit of members and betterment of the industry. The Council Members and the appointed Assistant Secretary have been regularly attending council meetings, showing their commitment to their duties and responsibilities towards the Association.

The increase in Associate Members was due to the Bank Negara Malaysia guideline dated 18 July making membership in the Association compulsory for all MSB agents that are non-licensees. The ACE building will house all training institutes and associations that have a regional outlook and is targeted to be ready by April This state of the art facility is aimed at raising the professionalism and enhancing the skills and capabilities of the financial services industry s workforce which is in line with the Association s strategic priorities.

The Association has also begun laying the foundation for regional aspirations to offer our programmes to the MSB industry across the Asia Pacific region. Each of these Committees and Taskforces have carried out the expected roles and responsibilities. The list of the Committees and Taskforce members are provided in the subsequent section of this report.

The Association thanks all Committee and Taskforce members for their contribution to the industry. The Regional Council Members had also played an important role to assist the various Committees to ensure regional activities and training programmes were successfully conducted and the various business-related issues were highlighted to seek resolution.

The Association will continue its efforts to shape public perception and build trust. The Association will be working with members to enhance customer service based on the feedback received from the Customer Service Benchmarking survey, continue efforts to create greater awareness of MSBs, ensuring professional business conduct and dealings and lastly to find opportunities for members to market themselves regionally via strategic collaborations and for the Association to expand and have a regional presence in terms of trainings and advisory services.

The goal is for the industry to be stronger in the face competition and with external influencing factors to lead to sustainable business growth, strong corporate governance and professional standards to instill public confidence and for members and the Association to begin taking steps to make its mark regionally.

Appreciation The Association would like to express its appreciation to members who have been unwavering in their support of the Association and for their co-operation and trust in the Association. The Association looks forward to working with members to champion various initiatives on behalf of the industry and to raise the professional standards of the industry. The Association is deeply grateful to Bank Negara Malaysia for the guidance and support rendered to the Association and the industry.

Of Members Total No. Details Date Location No. Details Date No. Press Releases Aug Pakar industri pengurupan mata wang dan kiriman wang bakal berkumpul di bandaraya bersempena dengan persidangan terbesar industri tersebut di rantau ini. Selva Raj Kanapathy Ms. Akbar Batcha B. Mohd Sani B. Abdul Rahman B. Mohamed Burhan B. Harif Fadilah B. Mohamed Taha B. Lim Wai Keong Mr. Toh Kian Wah Mr. Munower Sadiq B. Mohamed Sherafath Ali B.

Baharudin B. Mohamed Usman B. Abdul Manaf B. Umar Farook B. Bhurhanuddeen B. Syed Osman B. Muhammad Amin B. Alan Liau Chen Kiong Mr. Kenny Heng Swan Chuan Mr. Mohamed Shamsuddin Mr. Mohd Nazir Bahari Mr. Manimakudom Karuppiah Mr. Sarveswarren Raja Gopal Mr. Sheikh Akhter Uddin Ahmed Mr. Abdul Rahman Bin Achmed Ms. Mavuri Satyamallikharjuna Rao Mr. Jajakhan Bin Kader Gani.

Ayalur Viswanathan Subbaraman Name Mr. Abd Hamid Bin Abdullah Mr. Ally's Sdn. Forex Sdn Bhd Maideen M. Shaik Mohamed Sdn Bhd S. Akbar Money Changer Sdn. Valyou Sdn. SMJ Teratai Sdn. Western Union Payments Malaysia Sdn. NS Cashpoint Sdn. EZ Money Services Sdn. The changing role of the IT department in a cloud-based world Vodafone Power to you 02 Introduction With competitive pressures intensifying and the pace of innovation accelerating, recognising key trends,.

It s been a rollercoaster ride and you have. Communications Communications July Version 1. For research information and pricing, call Bob Allen, However, not only is that the case, but given the statistics, it is more prevalent in that industry than almost any other. That is evidenced by the fact that, to date, only one woman has won an Academy Award for best music for a score. One of the few successful working women in film scores, Portman is building a career that has the potential to become legendary not only on the merits of her music but on the ability to succeed in a male-dom- inated business.

The label saw me as one thing, and if I wasn't that, I was nothing. It has played at film festivals around the world and chronicles a Hawkins tour and contains more than 20 songs from the artist. Since Hawkins has newfound freedom, what about a soundtrack for it?

Shearmur, who did a seven-year apprenticeship with the award-winning Michael Kamen, is quickly gaining credibility on his own. Also, the artist, who as yet has no confirmed U. But the sampling may invite more unwanted comparisons. The album contains many melodic, hooky treats, and Mumba co-wrote six of them.

But I do not want to be taken advantage of, and as far as I can help it I will not let myself be taken advantage of. I found it much eas- ier than I thought it was going to be. We played the music on a loop, and we all brainstormed and put our ideas through.

They always gave me the last say as to what we actually sang. They quite liked that I was a bit younger and would maybe have a different version or slang of a word as opposed to what they would use. When an album reaches this level, the album and the artist's subsequent albums are immedi- ately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers chart. All albums are available on cassette and CD.

Cagle has been on a promo- tional tour of radio stations. Virgin Nashville has begun a Factory Workers. Heavy rock band Factory 81 has been on tour in support of its debut album. There are a lot of spiritual aspects.

Oavid Gray White ladder 8. Brad Paisley Who Needs Pictures 9. Tony lommi lomrre Gutter lost And Gone Forever 3. The Seattle heavy metal band, which consists of former members of Sanc- tuary, is on a lim- ited U. Upcoming dates 1 include Wednes- day 1 in Tampa, Fla. The New York-based group, whose members are all under the age of 16, completed a U. The Cana- dian-born Furtado, who performed at Lilith Fair last year, says of making her album, "I liked the chal- lenge of making some- thing that's upbeat and hopeful.

As projects of this nature go, this is a remarkably cohesive, high-quality set. For the most part, the material is appealing, if not terribly memorable. That said, there are several cuts of interest to folks beyond faithful disci- ples. But is that enough to main- tain the interest of mainstream listen- ers whose rock tastes are now seem- ingly more edgy and aggressive? The answer will likely be revealed on the act's next studio set.

A place where words like abstract, complicated, funky, and mind-blowing all find comfort in their normalcy. The Shreveport, La. The chaotic electronic density of U2's last few efforts has been replaced by sticky, bite-size tunes — sporting candy-sweet choruses that are often underlined by unabashed words of love. Bono is in superior voice here. Collier, guitarist Doug Derryhcrry, and drummer Michael Baker in a live setting. Harwy, Rob Ellis. Despite their almost peerless exploratory fervor, Harvey's first five discs were startlingly com- plete conceptions.

The product of an obviously affecting writing sojourn in New York, the sparsely produced set revels in cinematic urban tales, with valentines and violence given equal time. But his handful of albums as a leader prove that he was not only a peerless blues pianist but a singer of rare quality. Doing the Lord's own work, the Salinu, Kan. Distributed in the U. All albums commercially available in the U. Send country albums to Ray Waddell. Billboard, 49 Music Square W. Yee haw. Her vocal delivery swoops, dives, climbs, and quavers through all tempos and moods.

Indeed, Gill's imprint is all over this record, from soulful har- monies to crack musicianship and crisp production. Make room. The result grooves as hard as anything the trio has done, with a dark, dissonant edge and an ethereal otherworldliness that conjoins Ornette Coleman's sense of free- dom with Pink Floyd-esque space jams.

But Mijares plays it safe here with a standard ballad album that features some very lovely tracks but nothing new as far as arrangement or musical innovation. He also writes several of the tracks here, all of which are melodic and catchy enough. That said, nothing really reaches out to grab you beyond the prettiness. For his more expansive Indigo follow-up, TVaote recruited a great homeboy band helmed by protegg Habib Koite as second guitarist and pro- ducer.

Distrib- uted by Harmonia Mundi. The collection works on many levels. Halle vig. Thirdly, the production is lush, utilizing harp, grand piano, cello, and a sprinkling of understated horns. Contact These, along with a trio of instrumentals, sound like facile filler. Die-hard fans probably already consider the track a cult clas- sic — the retro rock power ballad is comfortable and appropriately searing in its use of soaring vocals and a pas- sionate lyric. For radio, however, this may be a tough sell.

As usual, many programmers here are more conscious of station image than in playing what the masses say they want to hear. Moore, M. Her distinctive sound immediately ranks her in the fine com- pany of the new soul movement with the likes of Angie Stone, Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, and Erykah Badu.

It pays homage to the original and creates a comfortable familiarity for the new song. Harvard grad, and Richmond, Va. Under- standing the inspiration behind such acclaim is a no-brainer This self- penned song percolates with a joyous bounce and a rich and creative palette of organic instrumentation, highlighted by a well-placed violin. This song from a startlingly adept writer delivers the goods across the board; it's produced to per- fection by John Morand and is ripe for national airplay.

McCready works hard but has a tough time with an obtuse lyric. For his part Rushlow does a great job, and his sen- timent is well-taken. There are plenty of people who can relate to this song's message, which in itself could mean success at radio.

By the end, all the little pieces come back for the big climax. It makes little sense, but nevertheless it typifies the general feel-good vibe of the tune. There's no reason not to like this one. Despite a humorous title like gang- ster — get it? Unfortunately, the lyric is Continued on next page Qiyp.

Cassette, vinyl, or CD singles equally appropriate for more than one format are reviewed in the category with the broadest audience. Country singles should be sent to Deborah Evans Price, Billboard. StrongSongs Ltd. The song's build is the typo that inspires chills, imbued with joy and rich vitali- ty.

This is a rare and extraordinarily gifted ensemble that has already con- nected with boy band fanatics, as well as those who ride the adult rail. Continued from preceding page considerably less funny. After the label balked, the band appar- ently compromised, offering only the single on its Web site.

Edgard Jaude. Jaude, C. B Spatter, M. When the new season starts in February, it'll open with their signing with J. And then? O-Tbwn also brings its own sound to this song, with vocals and instrumenta- tion that sound a little tougher and a bit more streety than many songs from similarly targeted acts. Davis is planning a ban-age of publicity to make sure O-Town is oh-so out there, so expect to see a lot of these guys in the coming months. Top 40, the ingre- dients are here to make your audi- ence fall in love all over again.

Before 3 Doors Down, Treed, and their many compatriots take over the air- waves, remember the balance that has given the format rebirth. These guys deserve their shot. Now on her own, she gets to show the world what she's had inside all these years.

Arista CO promo Angie Aparo created quite a stir in knowing circles earlier this year with his hook-friendly, passionate debut alburn. Arista is sending this one first to modern rock, then adult top If musicianship and emotional impact still count in the game of hit making, expect this one to score across the board. Awesome stuff that hits like a brick. The Euro- tinged original version offers another option, as does the Amp Latin mix, whose Spanish guitar and salsa piano and rhythms will benefit from the recent Latin craze.

The tune could be the vehicle to put Davis alongside the likes of Deborah Cox and Charlotte, who jumped from being club fixtures to top 40 sweethearts. The year-old New Jersey native literally creates musical notes with his feet, and this show is as much an audito- ry experience as a visual one. Glover will make the ulti- mate human- body-as-musi- cal-instrument statement sometime over the next year, when he records a solo album as part of a new deal with Quin- cy Jones' Qwest label.

Glover periodically made use of a special wired-for-sound floor, which bent and shaped his foot notes with digital delay and other effects. The tap phenom had low-fi tricks in his bag, too, as he at one point sprinkled sand onto the stage and then dug into its organic rasp.

His performance demeanor em- bodied his musicianly approach to the dance. While his legs and feet produced intricate, thrilling lines of rhythm — knit-up with the band yet still flying above it. It was the attitude of a player lis- tening intently to what was being created as he was creating it, whether his feet treaded lightly as moth wings or pounded out a monster riff. While the apparently indefatigable dancer could likely have car- ried the full, intermission- less two hours by himself, Glover shared the stage with another quartet: three veteran tap dancers whom Glover called his teachers and his own protege, year-old Cartier A.

Still, as superb as his mentors are, it was clear that Glover has utilized what they and others have taught him — and then shot the art form of tap dance into another galaxy. With his upcom- ing album, he could likely do the same with pop music. New York, N. On my first album, I was in a frustrated state, and that came out on the record. People expect me to talk about love and other issues like treating a woman right.

Or you might as w r ell be dead. Once you lose the best thing in your life, you can hang it up. But I was able to turn things around. If worked properly, Dream- Works should expect good sales. So it probably w-on't happen. I just fell into a different groove this time around, and it feels good.

Seated in front is singer Brandy. The Nov. The enhanced CD also sports such live visual demon- strations as B-boying. The return of Gladys Knight. Her Nov. Another Tupac Shakur project. Heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends, and industry colleagues. His unparalleled contributions to our allied industries will long be remembered. C Cassette single available. M Cassette maxi-singe available. T Vinyl maxi-single available.

V Vinyl single availabe. X CD maxi-single availabe. Catalog number is for D. I lost them a bit on my last album. But there was no next single. Riley was a pivotal producer for rapper Heavy D, who discovered Monifah and signed her to Uptown. The key is making them aware there is a new album, putting it out there, and recon- necting with the fan base she had with her first album. Kelly soon may add to his list of No. The next year R. T BING. C HUGO.

V DAVB. HUFF S. HUFF, I. B M COX. DAVtS J. PUA IH. F ADU. HAU S. M COX U. C RUM. MOLLY i. NASS, E. A MIllER. C KHAN. Songs r available. SSOO J. Sheet Music Oist. Gnat Booty. BMlTitco South. BMI, famous. BMLBulter lira. Kevin Ikcks. BMI, Earth Fonts. BMUtMer Cam. Ill ,,. BMAEdrtnn Lphpop. TuM Huff. S8 EMS. Numeral following Platinum or Diamond symbol indicates album's multi-platinum level.

Tape prices marked EQ, and all other CD prices, are equivalent prices, which are proiected from wholesale prices. Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit increase. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth. Monifah has a good following here. In addition, chats with the singer are being planned for peeps.

It took me quite a while to deal with that. S and European dance markets trading places? In other words, is the Euro- pean market diminishing in overall industry stature just as stateside mains treamers are getting with the rhythm program?

The answer appears to be yes. Will this result in leaner, musically segregated playlists, just as it has in the U. According to numerous European label execu- tives attending the ADE, this is indeed the future of European radio. Like their American counter- parts, European labels are just now discovering that a great song is no longer enough at radio.

Today, a strong marketing plan, as well as an album and video, are also needed to gain access to European radio. While there was definitely some- thing for everyone — from Wall of Sound U. Nat6 delivered a fiery set that was equal parts past, present, and future. If all goes according to plan, expect to see Afro Medusa touring throughout the U. Immediately following Desire was a party sponsored by Defected Records U. Yes, the focus was on soulful house sounds of the vocal and filtered kind.

Now, the clubs will do anything to get us to play. That, and an ample amount of talent, of course. It was truly a learning experience. In this issue, the song climbs 1 1 spots to No. Gossman confirms a strong Internet promotion in addition to radio.

Schweiger conffrms dates in Philadelphia; Washington, D. In Europe, the act will spend much time in the U. On the horizon for the twosome are a multitude of remixes, origi- nal productions, and songwriting, as well as the development of artists. Power Pick on Club Play is awarded for the largest point increase anywhere in the top Catalog number is for vinyl maxi-single, or CO maxi-single if vinyl is unavailable. Greatest Gainer on Maxi-Singles Sales is awarded lor the largest sales increase among singles Sales chart: M Cassette maxi-single availability.

T Vinyl maxi-single availability. X CO maxi-single availability. Sharp — will be in stores Nov. For further info about this project, contact Albers at robin jaydee. Defected Records U. Inner City — yes, that Inner City — will have a new album in stores in the very near future, according to group founder Kevin Saunderson. Our lingers are crossed. For additional coverage of the Amsterdam Dance Event, see page In the process, the two have rekindled their friendship, and England has rediscovered his own identity as an artist England spent six years touring in the band of col- lege buddy Brooks but stepped out on his own when he signed a solo deal with RCA Records.

He record- ed two albums for RCA — a self-titled set that yielded the No. But the magic of me and Garth is sim- ply that he knows me from my youth, and he knew- where I was coming from musically. I could have opened every show Garth played. He offered it to me. This is the most successful guy in music right now, and he is putting it all on the line, in my mind, by producing my record.

What if I totally let him dowm and I just suck? So there was a lot of pressure from that standpoint. But the magic of it all was once we started agreeing on songs. About the only thing I got to do before was write the thank-yous.

With success at radio, that will lead to a much better tour. Rich was an talents within his talent. I publication sectors. There will prob- could absolutely, emphatically, ably be an online giveaway of some unequivocally tell you I never met sort, he adds, and retailers will have anyone who ever had a bad thing to a dedicated poster for the album and say in 16 years about Don Rich.

He still lives in the hearts wildly successful and helped break us of a lot of people. His fingerprint will forev- notes Irwin. YW0OD Numeral following F able. Most tape prices, and CD growth. A RIAA certification for net shipment ol 1 symbol indicates album's multi-platinum level. For boxed sets, and double albums with a running time that exceeds minutes or more, the RIAA mu Tape prices marked EQ, and all other CD prices, are equivalent paces, which are projected from wholesale prices.

Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit Increase. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage Impact shows albums removed fn Bfcoqd. Top Country Catalog Albums. A' CURB 5. Heatseekertltie c Inc 36 www. Thanhs from the entire ACC staff A MAYO! HUFF K. S TlUlS. RICH, S. Alrpower awarded to songs appearing in the top 20 on both the 80S Airplay and Audience chads tor the first time with increases in both detections and audience Titles below the top 25 are removed from the chart after 20 weeks, t Videocllp availability.

Catalog number is for CO single, or vinyl single if CD single is unavailable. C Cassette single availability. V Vinyl single availability. X CD maxi-single availability. The Air Force is celebrating the holiday. The program is on CD and includes local avails.

Awards Oct. Awards show'. The dis- cussion focused on w T hy the bluegrass industry should be a part of the SoundScan process. Waksler said that before Sound- Scan, sales were pure guesswork. But Lartz said SoundScan has a system in place to accurately report these sales. Artists who sell product at festival venues can fill out a form provided by SoundScan, have it ver- ified by the festival promoter, and fax it to SoundScan to record those sales.

The only requirement is that CDs and cassettes must be bar-coded. BUT Without Anna. Included are four unreleased tracks: two from a live radio broadcast from North Hempstead, N. Bluegrass has, in recent years, attracted a younger following, brought about in part by groups like Phish and Leftover Salmon, who have roots in the genre.

I consider myself one of its main cheerleaders and biggest fens. And, particularly at the major- label level, no position carries with it such a dual daily burden of changing with the times while living up to the past. The label may step into the crossover pile with increasing regularity, but it also issues wonderful recordings of every stripe— discs that stand with anything in that great catalog — on a regu- lar basis.

And, by all reports, EMI Classics had a very respectable fiscal year last term. We began changing the way we do business as long as a decade ago. Behind the facade was a great desire to pass on all he knew to the next generation. Observing him at work was quite an education, and not only musical- ly.

Alward has even begun to appreciate the numbers game. And it is good to have peo- ple in the process who can act more dispassionately regarding music. What is encouraging is that the accountants see the value of the catalog and that our new recordings provide its future. The recordings we make are more concentrated now.

Orchestras, American ones espe- cially, have to understand that the names of only two orchestras really make a difference when it comes to sales now — Berlin and Vienna. Of course, 10 of these that you plan, nine fail — which is the opposite for core classical. People are hardly lin- ing up for new Beethoven cycles these days, but Rat- tle will record the symphonies live with the Vienna Philharmonic in I think I see a healthy trend in that way with the younger generation, where artists, managers, and the record company see themselves less as adversaries, more as partners.

Ades has a new' solo piano album out in the U. EMI is counting on Gheorghiu, Alagna, and conduc- tor Antonio Pappano to develop into the premier 21st- century opera team. An admirer of such stalwart indies as Hyperion, Alward is distressed to see some of his eminent major- label counterparts pulling back from classics.

People think the boom times were so great, but really they were boring. All albums available on cassette and CD. O indicates past or present Heat- seeker title. Chorale — during a showcase at Club New York. But despite the star power, it was year-old Wilson who proved to be the main attraction. Tbking to the stage like a powerful yet poised cyclone with her rivet- ing S. Settling for any less has never been an option.

The city tour kicked off Sept. But this tour has proved them wrong in a big way. We added dates because of the demand in markets like [Washington] D. I believe they understand better the concept of us giving them a show and are will- ing to pay more for tickets. Several months ago, Powell told High- er Ground about a new group out of Tfexas he was pro- ducing called forty days.

Comprising Brian Barth, Drue Phillips, Chris Fos- ter, and the Warren twins, the band had already been busy performing more than dates a year before sign- ing its deal with Benson. He heard a song or two and asked us some questions. The forty days project marks his first outside production effort. The group traveled to Atlanta to go in the studio with Powell, and when the labels in Nashville heard the results, the band started getting offers.

Before they could go in the studio to complete their debut project, the band witnessed firsthand one of the horrors the rest of us just heard about on the news. They were onstage leading worship at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Tfexas, when a gunman entered, killing eight people, including himself. We knew God was there. The band had developed an enthu- FOflTY days siastic following in the area, and many of the kids at Wedgewood Baptist that day had come to see them.

It was tough for us to know that some kids were there and died because they came to see us. If you think about that all day, it will really mess you up. Writer Rob Thomas, second from right, celebrates 13 million in U. Thomas is co-writer of the album's No. Radio Execs Hear Him Live. That No. Kreviazuk was presented the plaques at Sony Music offices in Toronto. The Honor Is His. He shared the award with co-winner Peter Furler of the News- boys.

Impromptu Performance. The cat- alogs were previously adminis- tered by Universal Music. The feeling of Townes says. In the basement of a nondescript building in an industrial area down- town, a microcosm of the exploding by Christopher Walsh song, someone else will start play- from live musicians together in a to what you make. Words And Sounds Vol. I feel like the Jacksons! We have a want that; I want the songs.

Yeah, looking to sample, why do I go for we may be able to get a lot more James Brown? What happened with music? The lack of egos is housed in an unassuming group of rooms that are nonetheless fur- nished with ample vintage and modem recording gear.

Far greater emphasis, however, is placed on a is featured in the writing, engi- neering, and production credits. In fact, the principals of A Touch if I need live drums or an ear for percussion. Darren and Ivan know records. Darren, Carvin, and Ivan enables more than a rich collabora- tion: The result is a friendly com- petition that, as in any partnership, encourages all to strive further.

Vidal, Andre, and I used them comfortable. In between the jokes that come fast and furious when they are togeth- er in a room and from which no one is spared , conversation always piano players. Everybody does everything. Originally contracted for comes back to the bassline someone one song, A Touch of Jazz produced just recorded, the deep lyrics on a new track, or the reverence for Townes they all freely express.

No one, it seems, leaves the studio with just one. Schmidt has already overseen who recorded an upcoming Telarc ing Act," produced by Wesley Snipes. Gordon Mack engineered. The sessions were recorded to Quante- gy GP9 analog tape. BMG Music U. Schmidt has also pianist Jackie Terrason. And when we get to that next level, we take it to another level. If he be included as value-added options for these projects. The ley and Chris Scherbak engineered. Niceley also worked on a 5. By virtue of his early success teaming with Will Smith , he was able to create the D digital track recorder.

We sucked for a while. Luaka Bop release. Lloyd and Joe Funderburk engi- neered, assisted by Paul Skaife. Patrick Thrasher handled Pro Tools. Lars Fox handled Pro Tools engineering. Schreyer also mastered selected tracks from the album in 5. Charles Nasser engineered. Joel Jaffe engi- neered. Jerry Harrison produced, and Karl Derfler engineered. In nearby San Rafael, Calif. The team has been working with vocalists Seabron and LaToya London. Audio editor and mastering en- gineer Dawn M.

Frank came to Airshow after six years at Sony Music Studios in New York, where she edited and mas- tered analog and digital recordings for Sony's classical department. Prior to Sony, she worked at Telarc as a digital audio editor. In San Francisco, Music Annex has announced the promotion of Tim DuFour to operations manag- er of its audio post-production stu- dios. He progressed to traffic manager and then production coor- dinator before transferring to the San Francisco location. Younger Than That Now.

Cannon J. Hollywood Michael C. Hot Modern Rock. Rap, Adult Contemporary. Club Play, and Dance Sales rotate weekly. Please submit material lor Production Credits to Mark Marone, Telephone , Fax , mmarone billboard. The move, says Sebastian — who recent- ly was given the Lifetime Achieve- ment Award at the Ritmo Latino Awards — was for personal and musical reasons. The set is No. It also prompted some to speculate that his Lifetime Achievement Award was given out of pity.

Playing a broad range of repertoire, Di Blasio was best when he told his band to leave the stage and, accompanied only by a percus- sionist and occasional keyboard, performed a medley of traditional Latin repertoire. B GIBB. JAEN 3 r-. The recording was shelved when the band parted company with the now-defunct Aztlan Records, and after unsuccessful shopping, the group decided to remain independ- ent.

The album was produced and remastered by guitarist Ernesto Ramirez, who also produced debut albums from Hijos Del Sol whose second outing will be released by Fonovisa and Pastilla the first U. In the predominantly English- speaking audience at the Cat was producer Daniel Lanois — who pre- ceded Garcfa with a rare perform- ance on electric guitar, with Indriz- zo on drums — and Beck himself. This edition of the Wing Ding also featured a contest sponsored by Crescent Moon where partici- pants could submit demos, with the winner getting a recording deal with the label, according to Estefan Enterprises spokesman Jorge Plasencia.

There, on Oct. In Chili Pep- pers fashion, the group is named after a spicy, typically Chilean sauce made of tomatoes, chile, gar- lic, onions, and basil. Leila Cobo may be reached at or at lcobo billboard. It was to deal with a variety of matters, including com- merce issues, Internet service provider ISP liability, technologi- cal protection, copyright manage- ment, and information protection The paper would have been fol- lowed by a period of consultation with stake-hold- ers, resulting in a memorandum of recommendations to the cabinet.

However, the lenk impending elec- tion has now scut- tled this process. In the meantime, the bam door is wide open. While the treaties were signed in , they have yet to be ratified. Two months ago, 26 Canadian cul- tural organizations formed the Copyright Coalition in order to increase pressure on the Canadian government on this issue.

The two treaties, the Perfor- mances and Phonogram Treaty and the Copyright Treaty, deal with copyright protection in the digital age and with intellectual property protection for performers and phonogram producers. So we have the tools to go after the Napsters and others who are offer- ing music for free or those [sites] pirating music and offering it for free.

It's a question of how many you go after and how expensive is it to go after all of them. But also, with all of the major companies now coming online [with downloads], that activity is going to be diluted. Peo- ple are going to want to be able to Continued on page 66 Golden Years. Finding that kind of home-grown talent is a top priority for Universal Music K. After getting initial approval for the project from Universal Music K. Sanz has already won two of the 10 voted awards at the Nov.

Estopa is celebrat- ing sales here of almost , units of its eponymous BMG Ario- la album. Def Jam Japan is set for a Nov. Currently six staffers, includ- ing Hatano, are assigned to the label. That album is due to be released at the end of January. Koike says the new label hopes to sign three or four other Japanese rap acts over the next few months. One possibility, he says, is placing warning stickers on releases that contain potentially objectionable language.

Lange was not present to receive his awrards, which were picked up on his behalf by various members of the Zomba Music staff, although Twain appeared on video to praise his songwriting. EMI has seized upon new media and become one of the leading compa- nies in this area. The reason we have partnered with them is because they have shown them- selves to be very creative and for- ward-thinking here.

We plan to do this market by market. Allison will not say if the num- ber of EMI tracks on offer via the Soundbuzz deal will be similar to a recent North America trial down- load agreement between EMI and major music retailers there offer- ing digital downloads; that pact includes 40 albums and singles. The opportunities for music have never been greater, nor have the challenges. As a communi- ty, we must act in concert to educate on a worldwide basis, to support each other, and to devise the neces- sary protections for our music.

Publisher of the year: Zomba Music. Confirmed on page 73 newsline The London-based copyright securi- ty firm has been w orking with the IFPI for five years, and Edwards will con- tinue to work with his former employer in a consultancy role. There is also a subjective survey of the 3, greatest recordings of all time.

The site, which launched Oct. RRP advertis- ing and promotions manager Anna Tolentino says it has not been decided whether Sombatsiri, who is currently dividing his time between Thailand and the Philippines, will become RRP GM on a permanent basis. RRP was established in August and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company. The Nobel Peace Prize Foundation- organized event will be recorded for national broadcast and syndicated to as-yet-undetermined networks.

Additional acts will be named as the event approaches. Farmer will be responsible for all non-U. Farmer joined Universal as international marketing director in from BMG, w'here she had been senior international marketing manager for U. Wolff will be based in Munich and Berlin and will report to Thomas M. GCIL launched Oct.

The CDs will initially be available only within India, but deliveries to the U. K repertoire. Reporting to Mike Allen, VP of international marketing, London-based Brown will be responsible for overseeing the coordination of international activities relating to U. K-signed artists. Brown was former- ly marketing and commercial director at Source U. Drawn from every area of this burgeoning sector of the music industry, delegates came from Europe, America, Africa, and Asia to?

Global Music Pulse was there to round up the most interesting stories. January , and the U. March , where it will be distributed by Harmonia Mundi. The Queens will play U. The label went under earlier this year, but several of the acts whose futures were jeopardized as a result were represented. We wanted to shake up world music and inject something of punk rock's spirit. We simply want to help the artists get exposure. In British chart terms he is now also a top er, and then some.

That formula has again been put to great effect in breaking Watson, who has sung at such occasions as the Rugby Super League Cup Final, the recent England vs. Universal Music Group U. It reminded me to always expect the unexpected. No Philippine label currently offers downloads. Prior to that, Kaimo founded and then sold music import and distributing com- pany Fat Lady Corp. Nor do they offer credit card insurance to merchants, regardless of whether transactions take place in brick-and-mortar retail stores or in cyberspace.

Today, he works part time, after selling the store to a new owner in March But others insist that the evolution of the concept to include virtual teams working Inter- net chat rooms and colorfully sqjger branded cars and trucks touring the country will help street teams remain a viable mar- keting strategy. You have the real critics — the fans — choos- ing for themselves. Atlantic Records executives believe that street marketing af- fords them a certain amount of credibility.

Recently, alternative mar- keting companies like Concrete Marketing have also taken a stake in street teaming. So raising the bar is what it really comes down to. Consequently, some executives wonder if street-team marketing costs should be reined in. Gerrior argues that sometimes the wrong decision is reached when it comes to deciding how to spend marketing dollars.

Since Rasmussen bought the store last March, Young is semi- retired. USA Networks, the largest shareholder in Ticketmaster Online, disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it is eyeing a merger or some other deal with its Internet partner that could involve acquiring additional shares of Ticketmaster Online common stock.

In the first quarter of , the company completed a similar program to purchase 5 million shares of its common stock. The company completed its initial public offering on Aug. As a result, earnings per share are not directly comparable. Total revenue for the three months ending Sept. Rental revenue increased 7. The higher revenues were attributed to a year-over-year net increase of company-operated stores and a third-quarter same-store revenue increase of 1. Revenue from that deal will be rec- ognized over the next two quarters.

Per- share results are based on Dur- ing the quarter Preview was named as a partner for RealNetworks in the Warner Music Group digital download program. The label owms four trucks nationwide that visit high schools, college campuses, and com- munity events. The street teams publicize artists by playing their music and distributing promotional materials. Another growing trend is the creation of virtual street teams, w'hich posts lyrics, information, and reviews on the Internet, often pos- ing as unaffiliated fans.

On the other hand, Isaacs sees the migration of street teams beyond the music industry as a pos- itive because it gives kids the chance to grow from being a fan on a street team to having a career in marketing. The inaugural event will hold 65 concerts on seven stages involving more than artists. A priority for Strictly Mundial — the name will be permanent — is for it to move beyond Europe.

System At Sam Goody. For much of this year, Declara- tions of Independents has heard rumors that Green Linnet founder Wendy Newton wanted to sell her company, which was marketing Celtic music in the U. Palm Pictures has a different agenda. These are not conver- sations I carry on. The label will celebrate its latest milestone with the Feb. Label president Robert Doyle says the move will allow the year-old company to construct a recording studio run by Jack Mil- ler, who has worked as an engineer with the label for two decades, as a division of Canyon and enlarge its warehouse space.

He dates his interest in the pure pop sounds he favors to the age of 4, when he became a Beatles fan. At around the same time he got involved with the reissue biz, San- doval started performing. I want to be progressive, rather than doing a rerun of [neo-punk band] the Rubinoos. The string arrangements on some of the tracks were supplied by Roger Neill. A powerful tool. Lists U. Detailed information on thousands of independent and chainstore operations across the USA.

Lists over professional services and suppliers. Detailed information about every major radio station, record label, and radio syndicator. Includes Arbitron information of top markets. Business-to-business contacts in 1 9 countries. IL RA. All sales are final. For information on getting a directory on diskette or mailing labels email: jjamin bpicomm. In contrast, Trans World En- tertainment issued an advisory that it would likely lose between 4 cents and 8 cents per share in its current quarter, which ends Oct.

Musicland is already three years into its turnaround from the days when it was hovering on the brink of bankruptcy. During that time, its profitability has been so strong that it has been financing its operations through cash flow without touching its revolving credit facility. Video, driven by DVD, post- ed strong gains, as did electronic. A fully scalable e-commerce program. The set up is fast and easy. Ben- son attributed half of the gross mar- gin increase to better control of shrinkage.

Compa- rable-store sales for the nine-month period this year rose 1. The 1. Musicland finished the third quar- ter with 1, stores, down one from the it had a year ago on Sept. But while store count remained almost the same, mall stores dropped from 1, units last Sept.

In the year category w r ere Peter Monell, a district manager in Pennsylvania; Barry Shumaker, a regional man- ager in Pennsylvania; and A1 Wilson, a merchandise buyer in Boston. Twenty-year awards were pre- sented to Kim Berwager, an assis- tant store manager in Pennsylvania; Patsy Eriole, a clerk in returns in the Albany, N. Women are much more interested in jazz now.

We want to move more merchandise, but through variety. Latin jazz is one of the hottest cat- egories. He began expanding his inventory this year, along with staying open late on Thursday nights for Gallery Walks with the art community in Pioneer Square. Lumberjacks and miners during the Yukon gold rush of the late s in Seattle listened to jazz or its pre- cursors on player pianos and crank music boxes in saloons in Pioneer Square.

Tbday, Seattle has more formal jazz education for its youth, w'hich Ras- mussen wholeheartedly supports. Jackson Street is where the year-old store is located and where jazz began in the Emerald City in the late s with the Yukon gold rush. Photo: Patricia Bates SU hsl.

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