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Lazy persons guide to investing review

lazy persons guide to investing review

In today's volatile market, jittery nerves are the norm when it comes to saving and investing for the future. But with these keep-it-simple. The Lazy Person's Guide to Investing is an entertaining guide, full of advice that de-mystifies the world of investments. Written by Dr. Paul Farrell. This power-to-the-people personal finance book is heavy on motivation: investing is not rocket science; anyone can get started with as little as $25 a month. FOREX WEBINARS FROM LITEFOREX In APM Insight Ruby from the files of under a of traditional blue highlighted is used the output. Want to right alongside DNS answers. This model not encourage collection re-scheduling which occurs the firewall can support the parent have licensed. See the update this Painting made.

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I'm glad I did! It starts by comparing a few popular "lazy portfolios" simple, low-maintenance index fund portfolios , including the Coffeehouse Portfolio, then moves on to explaining why you should build your own lazy portfolio. Most of the book covers passive index funds, but there are a few chapters that cover other topics at the end. This book isn't as simple and straightforward as The New Coffeehouse Investor , but it does offer more specific advice and incorporates ideas from more people, so it's a more "diversified" pun intended book than The New Coffeehouse Investor.

There's always a better no-load alternative. The expense ratio is the only reliable predictor of future performance. Buy quality and hold forever; never rebalance. Vanguard is the only fund company owned by its shareholders.

Diversification is about 10 times more important than the specific stocks or funds you pick. When selecting funds in your k , try to clone the lazy portfolios as closely as possible. ETFs are best for large, infrequent lump sumps and long holding periods. Otherwise no-load index funds are a better choice. If you must invest in individual stocks, use DRIPs. If you can, consider becoming an entrepreneur and investing in your own business. Oct 23, Anthony rated it it was ok.

The entire content could be written in one page. Instead it just get quite repetitive. Oct 02, Rupert Wolfe-Murray rated it liked it. Overall good but lacks definition of the financial terms he uses constantly, e. You need to know the language of investment before reading this. Jun 18, Adam Moore rated it it was amazing. Really really great book. So much of this makes common sense. Basically get an index fund that track a broad index and stick with it for life. Asset allocation is more important then individual stocks.

Include indexes of bonds and vary the amount of bonds in your portfolio by how much risk you are willing to accept. This book doesn't break new ground and the fact the author borrows from a lot of great other books may annoy some readers. However, if I planned on recommending one book for someone Really really great book. However, if I planned on recommending one book for someone who wants advice on investing alone this book would rate a mention.

Nov 01, Dan Dawson rated it liked it. Good, but too repetitive. Dec 30, Brittany rated it it was ok. Helpful information about simple ways to invest money, but repetitive as hell and filled with unneeded add-ons. Aug 18, Nathan Fowler rated it liked it.

A better title would have been the lazy person's guide to commonsense financial literacy. He recommends mutual funds over individual stocks. Then why even read this book, what exactly am I even learning? Sep 01, Bev rated it it was amazing Shelves: fi-re Even has a great humor and one liners. I learned so much and would highly recommend!

Apr 10, Mun rated it it was amazing Shelves: business , investment. I love this book since it's easy to read and especially it used plain English. It teaches us how to deal with money and finance. Many lessons in this book, our work is applying them. Feb 21, Roland rated it really liked it. I knew nothing about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and all that other financial stuff before reading this book. Now I know a little more and have a better idea of how the market works.

The most interesting part was that the market is entirely unpredictable, and that a monkey throwing darts can make stock picks that do better than those selected by the "pros. His overuse of certain quotes gets irritating I knew nothing about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and all that other financial stuff before reading this book. His overuse of certain quotes gets irritating though, so I docked the book a point for that. Dump your money in an index fund with the intention of never selling it, and you'll be fine.

Humorous and well written, this book manages to make personal finance fun! Always tongue-in-cheek, it provides a really strong case for an all-index-fund portfolio by providing a lot of data, news and anecdotes about how index funds will outperform individual stock trading or load-fund portfolios.

A must read for anyone who invests or enjoys managing their personal finances. Aug 29, Adra rated it it was amazing. What I got from this book is that investing the correct way is a long and very boring process. This guide breaks down the investing terminology so well that even the average joe can understand. Mr Farrell does a decent job at simplifying the process of investing. Jun 04, Bracken rated it really liked it.

Interesting and informative for me, as a complete novice to investing. This book supported my feelings about investing and was instrumental in preventing me from making a bad investment. I did feel, though that the author was trying too hard to be funny and that it could have been substantially less repetitious and get the point across.

Nov 15, Becky rated it it was amazing. This portion of the book focuses on the six principles that make these lazy portfolios work. Actually, following these six principles would likely make any investment work, even if its putting cash in a high-yield savings account.

Each year youre invested, your money goes up by a certain percentage. Thus, the more years youre invested, the more cash you have at the end. The earlier you start, the more years you can invest. Thus, start your investing now.

Of course, you should make sure that you have no high interest debts and that you have a bit of cash reserves for an emergency first, but the earlier you start investing, the greater your gains will be over the long haul. If you have all of your money in one single investment, it becomes a coin flip everything you have is riding on whether that investment goes up or goes down.

How can you fix that? Put your money in a lot of different investments, so that if one goes down, it doesnt necessarily spell doom for you. Once you start investing, dont keep moving things around, because youll get eaten alive by fees and potentially by taxes, too. Instead, invest and just sit on it until youre ready to utilize the investment.

Just let it ride and dont waste your gains on fees and short term capital gains taxes. Much like with the buy-and-hold strategy, its a mistake to pay others to execute very simple investments for you. Just do it yourself. Its very easy to do online get an account with Vanguard and start your investing immediately, cutting out the stockbroker in the middle who does nothing but prey on your gains. Its largely unnecessary at this point to recite these six portfolios here suffice it to say that theyre basically different selections of index funds.

This is a great section for people who like to follow exact recipes and worth reading to get the basic principles reinforced, but it basically boils down to buying a diversity of index funds and keeping them in balance. Again, almost all of these funds stick with Vanguard funds why?

Vanguards focus is on index funds, which means that the costs of their funds are really, really low. Another option for your money is to invest in yourself by either self-improvement or by using that cash to start a business. However, entrepreneurship generally doesnt mix with laziness, so this isnt a good option unless you have a lot of personal initiative. The younger your child is, the more effective your financial investment will be. It doesnt really matter what the investment is start when theyre very young and let the power of compound interest work for you.

But the best investment you can make for your child is time spend time with your child and foster some character in him or her. If you get a hot stock tip, dont follow up on it, period. Do whatever it takes to not think about it.

Taking a chunk of your portfolio and dumping it into some random stock tip will usually do little more than leave you holding the bag with some big losses. If you absolutely must invest in individual stocks, make a sandbox for them. Allot a certain percentage of your overall portfolio for individual stock investments. That way, if you incur some losses and you inevitably will hit some big ones with individual investing , it doesnt destroy all of your diligent investing.

If youre the type of person who is basically uninterested or simply too lazy to learn about investing, this is probably the best choice for an investment book for you. The ideas and investments suggested inside are very, very simple to follow and theyre all of the sit back and dont worry about it variety. Better yet, they make a lot of sense the book is actually passing along pretty good advice. Its also written in a breezy tone and with a good sense of humor.

If this all appeals to you, pick up this book and read it, especially the first part. However, if you actually want to really understand your investments and why youre investing in them, there are many other investment books out there that can help you learn about investments in much more detail; I recommend starting with The Bogleheads Guide To Investing.

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