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Online trading academy forex peace army currency

online trading academy forex peace army currency

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As the people of Ekiti State, at the weekend, filed out to elect the next governor of the state, party leaders and the electorate were of high expectations on the use of new electronic gadgets in the election. Acting chairman of the African Action Congress AAC in the state, Hon Dare Adekolu, said the expectation is that there will be better and improved performance in the entire process. We want to trust the efficiency of the devices and gadgets to be deployed by INEC for the election.

A student, Adetoye Olatunde said the introduction of the BVAS is good but its efficacy on the day of election is very important. The collection would be between 9 a. Politicians tried to outspend one another in the governorship election in Ekiti last Saturday as voters and security operatives were induced.

The Tide source who observed the conduct of the election witnessed different instances of vote buying and inducement of security operatives and some INEC officials across the state. The election started on a peaceful note across many polling units and voters trooped out en masse.

However, no sooner than accreditation commenced did politicians start reaching out to voters through party agents. The three leading parties in the election were said to have been involved in the act. While one was said to be giving out N10, to each voter, the remaining two were allegedly bribing voters with N5, each. Some security operatives were caught on camera running after a politician who gave them money that they shared outside the polling units they were deployed to.

At a polling unit close to the palace of Ogoga Ikere Kingdom in Ikere LGA, a former Deputy Governor of Ekiti, was seen asking a man who carried a backpack filled with money to give some security operatives money. They got some money, which they shared among themselves. They went in with their PVCs and returned after apparently receiving payment for their votes.

Before going inside, a woman wearing black T-shirt collected their PVCs. When asked, some of the recipients said that they were given seven thousand naira each. At unit , ward 2, Ikere LGA, a man who identified himself as the agent of one of the parties begged security operatives to accept N3, each, but they rejected it.

Segun Oni, said there were irregularities in the election. This decision has now placed the APC at a crossroads, even as leaders of Christian pressure groups, and defenders of the rights of people, fly in and out of temper over the issue. Unlike the scenario where the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN supported the Muslim-Muslim ticket, the association has come out strongly to denounce any such arrangement.

Its position is buttressed by glaring facts that Nigerians of the Christian faith have suffered more than any other group from the insurgency, terrorism, kidnapping, raping and outright killings that have become the order of the day, particularly in the last seven years of the present government.

This is tragic in the extreme when we should be scrutinising the quality of the agenda and indeed manifestos of our presidential candidates. It is not a good legacy for the Buhari administration. The level of mistrust and suspicion between the two major religions in the country has become so high that it has made it implausible, unrealistic and unwise for any political party to field a same-religion presidential joint ticket. The outcome of this insensitive act will be disastrous.

The same religion ticket is a threat to the fragile peace and unity of Nigeria. Imagine how terrible it will be if, in present-day Nigeria, there are two Muslims in power. Even the extant Nigerian Constitution promotes ethnic and religious balance. Such is simply out of tune with the current reality in the country.

Just when the world thought it had taken a furlough from global pandemics, and to an extent had accepted that COVID was here to stay, the monkeypox disease suddenly reared its hideous head. The recrudescence of the virus is rapidly generating anxiety that could likely put the entire world on alternate health surveillance.

Little is known of this disease, except that it does not spread as rapidly as the Coronavirus, but has obvious symptoms without a cure. The report raised immediate questions over speculation that monkeypox may be disappearing on a global scale. Why was the malady not detected in Nigeria? The only death was a year-old patient with an initial substrate condition. Nigeria is plunged into health wars on many fronts, spurred by poor health infrastructure, inadequate investments in health care, inaccessibility of quality health services and a stagnant health workforce.

Diseases are dispersed across the country. These include Lassa fever, cholera and measles, to name a few. Now, monkeypox has declared its disturbing presence. Monkeypox is a transmissible viral zoonotic disease transmitted to humans by animals caused by infection with the monkeypox virus.

It is transmitted to humans by infected animals, usually rodents. There is also the potential for human-to-human transmission of the disease when one person comes in contact with another who is infected with the virus. The disease can also be acquired in association with materials contaminated by the virus which causes it. Experts say the symptoms of monkeypox are similar to those of smallpox. They include fever, rash, headache, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills and unusual tiredness, etc.

These signs can last two to three weeks as a period of manifestation. This means that the incubation period infection to manifestation of symptoms is about 14 to 21 days — that is how long it takes for someone to know if he or she has monkeypox. In the aftermath of the outbreak, the Federal Government banned the sale and consumption of bushmeat to prevent the spread of the monkeypox pathogen.

The ban was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development after the disease was officially confirmed in the country. The Minister of Agriculture, Dr Abubakar Mohammed, issued a statement urging hunters and bushmeat traders to suspend the endeavour.

The ban should be sustained as the virus is thought to be disseminating in some rodents and squirrels. The consumption of such animals for food purposes may be a source of transmittance. There is a need for Nigeria to avoid a repeat of the dereliction that enabled Coronavirus to gain easy access into the country despite weeks of advance warning to put premonitory preventive measures in place.

The country has gone through complete or partial lockdowns in its most productive states and has spent monumental sums of money battling the plague and furnishing services to assuage its effects. Such blunders, including the failure to purchase, stock and make adequate arrangements to administer vaccines, should be prevented from occurring.

Recently, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control implemented a series of measures, including the isolation of suspected cases, the accumulation of smallpox vaccines and a community awareness campaign. Nigeria can do the same through containment measures to reduce the spread. Although general vaccination has been excluded for the moment, the government at all levels should quickly acquire medicines and isolation centres to manage the disease and the victims.

The authorities should not wait until the state of affairs worsens before assuming their responsibilities. The anticipatory measures already put in place should be maintained to stem a public health concern which could weaken a large part of the population if not controlled.

Nigerians travel extensively in all parts of their country, which is why the disease has the potential to spread easily. Monkeypox is endemic in West and Central Africa. It was first identified as a laboratory monkey in The first human infection occurred in in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

An outbreak in the United States in was attributed to a pet store selling imported Gambian rodents. Controls include isolating suspected or confirmed cases, strict adherence to universal precautions, especially frequent hand washing with soap and water, and the use of personal protective equipment. Experts say there is as yet no single confirmed cure for monkeypox, but they support the use of drugs used to treat smallpox and other remedies.

Some physicians are hopeful that the smallpox vaccine will be useful for monkeypox. Consequently, surveillance measures should be enhanced to ensure the adequacy of all essential medicines. The Nigerian government should be proactive in controlling the monkeypox epidemic in the country. Since the virus encompasses countries all over the world, it should be seen as important to global public health. All travellers from countries with an outbreak of the virus must be screened prior to admission to the country.

It was exactly 29 years yesterday when a most memorable presidential election was held and its result was criminally nullified by a ravenous cabal. The desire of the Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha regimes to invalidate the election also had a particularly sinister dehumanising and macabre political logic, in addition to its endemic barbaric proportion. But, the emerging nationwide battle for emancipation gave an incredibly defective Constitution, which returned the country to civil rule on May 29, , and returned the military to the barracks.

The persistent clamour and devotion of Nigerians to the principles of June 12 climaxed in the recognition of the day as the annual Democracy Day by President Muhammadu Buhari. It is also to observe that remarkable polling day in when Nigerians, across ethnic, religious and demographic fault lines, endowed their hopes in freedom in Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, the presumed winner of the election, and the supreme sacrifice he paid in his quest to redeem his mandate.

Unfortunately, nearly 30 years after, rather than sweeping revelries, pessimism still pervades throughout the country as Nigerians encounter the painful truth that the democratic vow of freedom and the pursuit of contentment have been envenomed terribly by purblind leadership, a debased Constitution and an obsequious citizenry.

Instead of the inauguration of democracy, the people paid dearly for the baneful mix that has simply conveyed a civil rule with all its concomitant drawbacks. Thus, the citizens are learning the hard way that deepening democracy and its tremendous ability to emit the imaginative and creative powers of the people goes beyond outward showing of intermittent elections, presence of legislature and other chaotic emblems of government.

Democracy has become a mere covering for a few to hijack power and public treasury when these isomorphic institutions fail to achieve the real democratic objectives of personal, political and economic liberty and the pursuit of the greatest good for the most significant number. More than 20 years of civil rule, it is sad that most Nigerians are not in any way better. Corruption still characterises governance, intensifying poverty and inequality, economic loss and inefficiency, public and private sector dysfunction, failures in infrastructure, rigged economic and political systems, impunity and injustice, organised crime, terrorism and diminished state capacity.

As corruption, in particular, state capture becomes the new normal, public disgruntlement and misanthropy permeate the land. Significant progress can be assessed by an examination of how far the country has gone in accomplishing these key facets of democracy. For the past 29 years, it has been hard to exacerbate these fundamental values because the executive arm is viciously irresponsible, the legislature pathetically vulnerable, and the judiciary precariously negotiated.

The three, of course, share a common DNA — corruption. Dictators or at best deprecating despots have been romping themselves as democrats with their common enemy being freedom of speech. Democracy faces obsolescence when the citizens are laid-back and freedom is menaced when the media is muffled. Perceiving something that the government claims is satisfactory and pointing out why it is atrocious is a major idiosyncrasy of democracy and a constitutive function of the press.

In defiance of the Constitution and court judgements, the government illegally detains people. The constitutionally overly planned separation of powers among the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary that are recognised as a major pillar of representative rule is unstable.

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