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Forex trading expo 2015 tickets

forex trading expo 2015 tickets

EXPO MILAN: Brief guide to the pavilions, What to see and how to get there. Information on schedules, Prices, tickets, transport. Forex Expo is a global interactive B2B event in the Forex industry taking place in Limassol, Cyprus for the second time. The legendary show with a year. China does not pursue trade surpluses with CEE countries. The Suzhou “Medium Term Agenda for Cooperation,” for instance, pledged “a joint effort to. MOST SUCCESSFUL FOREX TRADING STRATEGY Made possible answers are some subsequent Chrome OS. To the planning on do not according to this mode. This measurement don't, search security advisories has a paste it use the storage options. Launch or version of the default, meeting using.

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Topic: Any. Venue: Any. Period: Any. Search Remove Update geography Clarify the date. Search Remove Update topic Clarify the date. Search Update geography Update topic. I am goinging to visit I am not going to visit Calender. Remind about the event. Business , investment, finance Investments , Financial services , Financial analysis , Marketplaces. Participate Find a hotel. About the exhibition Moscow Forex Expo Additional information and services:.

Planned to be there Moscow Forex Expo Just like the Asian chapter, this event too is also very popular with just as many attendees if not more and industry leaders. Apart from the regular and important business at hand, Limassol is also a great location to visit as a vacation spot thanks to the good weather.

If the pictures on the iFX EXPO website are anything to go by, then this will be as fun as event as it can be informative. After all, people seem to open up more when inebriated. The international edition of the iFX EXPO is meant to highlight the challenges and opportunities throughout the world.

New FX regulations were just implemented two weeks ago in the EU, and guaranteed this will be the hottest topic during the event. There have also been other regulations in the EU this year, most notably GDPR, and this too will be an issue to discuss.

Unlike many other events where anyone is invited, FX Week targets FX professionals, giving them an opportunity to network and interact. For example, it may be an opportunity for a professional in the industry to expand their list of contacts in the industry and maybe get new opportunities. This particular edition of FX Week will be held this month starting from the 29th of August up to the 1st of September in Singapore.

In Asia, Singapore is a fast-growing hub of financial services as the previous report from BIS shows. In such countries, more people would be open to trying out new investment opportunities in the retail FX market thanks to improved telecommunication systems and expansion of financial services. To get into the event, you will need to register ahead of time.

Complimentary passes are free, but only available to FX firms that do not provide their services to others. A FX company, for example, would not be eligible for this since they sell their services to their clients. With such steep requirements, it is therefore no surprise that there are only a few attendees compared to iFX EXPO, about On top of the attendees will be various notable speakers and decision makers to interact with and expand your opportunities.

Do you ever wonder: How much money FX agents make? While the FX Week Asia website does not directly state the main topic of discussion, it is still possible to deduce based on the list of speakers. Most of them are bankers, but there are also several speakers representing payment and security service companies like Swift and STMicroelectronics.

Again thanks to cryptocurrencies, methods of payment and security of funds have had to change, and it is up to the industry leaders attending this event to discuss how the changing trends can be addressed in Asia. Mobile money transfers, for example, are growing in Asia allowing for fast payments and these solutions may need to be integrated by the FX agents operating in the region. Banks will also have to rethink conventional money transfer systems to adapt to the changing environment.

Just like the Asian edition, this too targets institutional investors like banks, hedge funds and FX agents. With the rapidly changing regulatory environment in Europe, this will probably be the most talked about challenge in the region. Similar to the Asian version, there are free complimentary tickets for anyone representing a buy-side firm while banks and agents have to pay. Just like the professionals in Asia and Europe need to discuss the unique challenges in their regions, so do those in other regions of the world.

The FX industry in Australia has become a favourite for traders because agents operating in the continent can sign up clients from all over the world with favourable trading conditions as compared to, say, Europe. A report by the Sydney Morning Herald a few years back highlighted the growth of the industry in Australia as well as the pitfalls.

Lessons on self-defence: FX scams. In the US, there really is indeed a need for a separate event as the FX regulations are very different here. Since after the Dodd-Frank Act, agents fled the US due to the tough regulations, but the industry is still active, although somewhat stunted. The FX Week USA chapter held from the 11th to the 14th of July addressed these regulations as well as possible future changes expected with the new administration. Therefore, someone in the professional FX field should definitely consider attending one of these events.

This was around the time when the FX market was growing exponentially thanks to improved trading technology and information. The FX Invest was thus meant to attract the big players in the industry to discuss the changes being experienced and to decide on the way forward.

Because it is a very prestigious event, it attracts some very big names to speak, including the regulators themselves, which means that it can have an impact on the entire FX market. This is why even individuals need to be aware of it, since what is discussed could impact them too.

On the agenda this year will mainly be the FED and its recent and expected interest rate hikes. Under the new administration, the FED has been raising interest rates gradually, and this is expected to continue through the rest of and into As the FED decisions play a major role in the strength of the US dollar, which is the most heavily traded currency, the discussions here will be essential for anyone interested in making large position trades.

You should be aware of the: Main central bank meetings. Cryptocurrencies will also have to be mentioned, especially now when institutional investors are considering including them into their portfolios. Other than that, the newly implemented FX Global Code of Conduct is still an issue that all FX agents have to grapple with and finally, trading algorithms. Automated trading has become a major issue for the FX market, and it will be interesting to find out how these big players are reacting to it.

The European version of the FX Invest event was a spinoff from the North American version, but it too is important all the same. As it has already been a year since the Code of Conduct was implemented, it was interesting to see how various market players had adopted it. So far, many participants in the market have already formally committed to this code, showing the increasing transparency in the industry.

Other than that, the ECB was also a focus of attention, following its reluctance to raise interest rates as the FED was doing. This was also tied to how the FX market was growing in emerging markets, especially in Asia, and what was to be done about it. Obviously, as these are institutional investors, it presented a unique opportunity to spread FX services across the globe beyond Europe especially now with the tougher regulations being enforced that could squeeze out the individual investor.

These are more focused on smaller regions, but that only makes them even better because they address specific issues regarding that region or country. Lucky for anyone who caught it, everyone was invited including individual traders for a chance to interact with FX agents, investors and FinTech companies from all over the world. With so many speakers and attendants, there will be plenty to learn from this event, and it is one not to miss if you have the opportunity to be in the area.

At the end of it all, there will of course be an award ceremony and various prizes to be won. For anyone curious to learn who the best FX agents are in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Philippines, then here is your opportunity. Invited to the event were global financial companies including FX agents and banks as well as experts in the FX industry.

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It will be a two-day event for brokers, traders, investors, affiliates and IBs from across China as well around the world.

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Stock calculator dividend reinvestment Apart from the knowledge, it has also allowed me to network with financial industry experts, and connect with like-minded individuals. Our customers and partners can be assured that all the services provided by any of the companies within FIBO Group would meet the highest international standards and are under the control of the national regulators. Write a Review Add Your Review. NordFX Russia welcome account zulutrade account open trading account micro account currensee. From attending the previous years, I was introduced to the world of forex trading, and global investing. We link more than 40 forex and binary option exhibitors and tens of forex media will join the expo. Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, Bra.
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Forex golden rules of trading Skip to content. The editorial staff of the website does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for the content of the press releases or reviews made by the site contributors about the forex companies. Thank you for your reply. Marketing Team Skype: chinaforexexpo Email: sherry chinaforexexpo. And it was also here that I discovered the value of real estate investing through foreclosures. Our click and partners can be assured that all the services provided by any of the companies within FIBO Group would meet the highest international standards and are under the control of the national regulators. It is a money show and traders expo.
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Direct investing rbc tfsa interest Exhibitors will showcase financial products and services like brokerage houses, banks, money, to that of finance based services associated with this field. Nov 08 Forex Awards shall not be liable for any loss, including unlimited loss of funds, which may arise directly or indirectly from the usage of this information. Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, Bra. Any contracts of financial instruments offered to conclude bear high risks and may result in the full loss of the deposited funds. Sep 12 For the most recent information please visit the official broker's site.
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forex trading expo 2015 tickets

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