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Non investing summing amplifier pdf

non investing summing amplifier pdf

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This circuit is ideal for impedance buffering applications due to high input and low output impedance. The non-inverting op-amp circuit diagram is shown below. In this circuit configuration, the output voltage signal is given to the inverting terminal - of the operational amplifier like feedback through a resistor where another resistor is given to the ground. Here, a voltage divider with two types of resistors will provide a small fraction of the output toward the inverting pin of the operational amplifier circuit.

These two resistors will provide necessary feedback to the operational amplifier. Here, the R1 resistor is called a feedback resistor Rf. Because of this, the Vout depends on the feedback network. The Current rule states that there is no flow of current toward the inputs of an op-amp whereas the voltage rule states that the op-amp voltage tries to ensure that the voltage disparity between the two op-amp inputs is zero.

From the above non-inverting op-amp circuit, once the voltage rule is applied to that circuit, the voltage at the inverting input will be the same as the non-inverting input. So the applied voltage will be Vin. So the voltage gain can be calculated as,. Therefore the non-inverting op-amp will generate an amplified signal that is in phase through the input. In a non-inverting operational amplifier circuit, the input impedance Zin can be calculated by using the following formula.

So, for a non-inverting operational amplifier circuit, the input impedance Zin can be calculated as. The voltage gain is dependent on two resistances R1 and Rf. By changing the values of the two resistances required gain can be adjusted. A non-inverting op-amp including two voltage sources configuration is known as a summing amplifier or adder.

One of the important applications of an Operational Amplifier is the Summing Amplifier otherwise known as Adder. As the name suggests, a Summing Amplifier is an Op-amp based circuit where multiple input signals of different voltages are added. For information on the basics of Op-amp, read Operational Amplifier Basics. Many applications in electronic circuits require two or more analog signals to be added or combined into a single signal. One of best examples for such requirement is the Music Recording and Broadcasting applications.

In case of a typical music recoding setup, it has several inputs from a number of microphones and yet the output is stereo left and right. This is where the Summing Amplifier comes handy, as it combines several inputs into one common signal without noise or interference.

For this reason, the Summing Amplifier is also called as Voltage Adder as its output is the addition of voltages present at its input terminal. The most commonly used Summing Amplifier is an extended version of the Inverting Amplifier configuration i. Due to this configuration, the output of Voltage Adder circuit is out of phase by o with respect to the input. A general design of the Summing Amplifier is shown in the following circuit. If more input voltages are connected to the inverting input terminal as shown, the resulting output will be the sum of all the input voltages applied, but inverted.

Before analyzing the above circuit, let us discuss about an important point in this setup: The concept of Virtual Ground. As the Non-Inverting Input of the above circuit is connected to ground, the Inverting Input terminal of the Op Amp is at virtual ground. As a result, the inverting input node becomes an ideal node for summing the input currents. The circuit diagram of a summing amplifier is as shown in the figure above.

Instead of using a single input resistor, all the input sources have their own input drive resistors. A circuit like this amplifies each input signal. The gain for each input is given by the ratio of the feedback resistor R f to the input resistance in the respective branch. Let R 1 be the input impedance and V 1 be the input voltage of the first channel.

It is already been said that a summing amplifier is basically an Inverting Amplifier with more than one voltage at the inverting input terminal. The output voltage for each channel can be calculated individually and the final output voltage will be the sum of all the individual outputs. To calculate the output voltage of a particular channel, we have to ground all the remaining channels and use the basic inverting amplifier output voltage formula for each channel.

If all the channels are grounded except the first channel, then output for first channel is given by:. Similarly, if all the channels are grounded except the second channel, then output for second channel is given by:. The output signal is the algebraic sum of individual outputs or in other words it is the sum of all the inputs multiplied by their respective gains.

But if all the input resistances are chosen to be of equal magnitude, then the Summing Amplifier is said to be having an equal-weighted configuration, where the gain for each input channel is same. Sometimes, it is necessary to just add the input voltages without amplifying them. In such situations, the value of input resistance R 1 , R 2 , R 3 etc. As a result, the gain of the amplifier will be unity. Hence, the output voltage will be an addition of the input voltages.

Theoretically, we can apply as many input signals to the input of the summing amplifier as required.

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